The Comfort & Technology of AEROSOLES

Last month, I was invited by Aerosoles to a lovely tea party at Raffles Hotel. There, they presented their newest designs and newest shoe technology. It's amazing how they are able to marry style and comfort so flawlessly! They've been doing this (providing women with nice and comfortable footwear) for years and are actually known for it. Now, they upped their game and developed some new technology and new designs to cater more to our needs. Here are photos from their Spring/Summer 2014 collection + new technology launch!

Personal mini tour and presentation by Aerosoles CEO and President, Jules Schneider:) 

Aside from their signature diamond patterned sole (designed to act as shock absorbers for each of your step) & memory foam footbeds (like walking on clouds) they now introduced their latest innovation... Stitch N Turn! Each pair was constructed by stitching the shoe inside and out to make them more seamless and flexible. The goal was to offer shoes that will not require break-ins! We need this girls. Haha. 

Love these ballet flats! Need them in my lifeeee.

AerGo is also new! It's their more "sporty" line. Love the boots!:) They're so flexible and lightweight, perfect for travel.

 Heel Rest Technology - distributes weight toward your heel and away from your foot.

I'm sure each of us would be able to find a pair that matches our personality and our lives. Aerosoles aim to fulfill women's footwear needs through the different styles they offer -- dressy, casual, business. So go, treat your feet this summer or all year round through Aerosoles' lovely shoes!:) Thanks for having us guys!:)

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