Playing Ball

Nearly had a heart attack when my laptop suddenly decided to die last week. I was ready to give up, but hope sparked again when I came across Sir Azrael's blog! He had this blog entry about a tech guy in Greenhills who fixed his laptop and I decided to give it a try. I trust Sir Azrael's judgement and it was an honest review. It cost me P1,500 to restore ALL my files but it was worth it! Now, I'm thinking of retiring my laptop na before it crashes again. Soon, soon. Anyway, here are outfit photos I took weeks ago. Going back to posting OOTD's very soon. I miss it! 

Ripples by Jenny baseball shirt, Dotstyleph faux leather skirt, Annaccessories OOTD cap, Meister watch, Payless wedges

Sporty daw. Haha. This cute shirt from Ripples reminds me of my obsession over baseball shirts when I was in college! Cute noooh!:) The skirt is too short for me but cute pa din so keri. Giving away this OOTD cap pala! Will post mechanics ASAP:) 

Anyway, how's 2014 treating you so far? I hope, good! I can see promise in this new year. I can feeeel eeeet! Haha. Mine started well! I have so much plans that I can't wait for all of them to finally materialize. Plus, not sure if you've seen it but I'm Nuffnang Philippines' Blogger of the Month! Super honored. Thank you so much to the Nuffnang team!:)

Will blog about how I spent my Christmas and New Year next. But before that, will post last batch of photos from my Singapore trip last year! Para matapos na utang na loob. Haha. For now bye bye muna! Heading to Angel's Burger to satisfy my cravings. Lels. Toodles!:) xo


  1. cute ootd cap!! LOVE the sporty vibe of this Ms.Ais!!

    Congratulations on being this month's Nuffnang Philippines' blogger!!! and Cheers to this new year!

    czarina :)

  2. Congrats on the feature! Cool ensemble btw ;)

  3. It's very sexy, I think that even guys would like it (and we all know how are they like with our "need for fashion" ) :)


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