Waves of Paint

I suddenly had this light bulb moment of publishing all backlogs before the year ends. Kaya ko ba yoooon??!!! I will try my best. I just want to welcome 2014 with no baggage, clean slate. New blog entries for the new year. I just want a fresh start. I will also revive Archive Clothing next year. This time it's for real! I have called reinforcements that will help me. I am excited, it's one of my first loves. I will put up a Facebook and Instagram page so its' easier to shop. Hope you could support again!:) Anyway, here's one of my latest outfit photos. You may have already seen Karylle wear this shorts on Showtime. It's too cute that I bought it! :) Photos... 

Candid shot of me trying to figure out the wind's direction. Arte! Haha.
Shana sweater top, SM GTW shorts, Ruckus necklace, Romwe bag

Casio watch, Stockton Row braided bracelet, I Am Girlie bangles

 SM Parisian heels

So I'm currently watching Awkward. I just finished watching Coven and I can't get enough!!! Plus, I love love love their outfits. You should check it out. Their wardrobe stylist should get an award. Haha. So how are all of you? Sorry if I seldom update na, kawalang gana my internet connection haha. Next year I will have DSL na though! So I'm quite excited. Hope you all had a the best Christmas. Love you all!:)


  1. Love those colorful pair of shorts. This post reminds me of some backlogs I need to post din before the year ends. Kakayanin yan! Hoping you'd have an awesome 2014! :D


  2. Hello, you have a very nice blog, love your style! You are very pretty
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  3. LOVE the sweater and shorts combo!!!! Chic outfit as always Ms Ais :)

    czarina :))

  4. Naeexcite akong makita kayo uli! :)


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