Stylist Diaries: Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla for ZO Skin Health

Here's one shoot I did for BELO / ZO Skin Health with Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla as their muse. :) Didn't have enough time to pullout coz it was last minute but I'm glad I was able to borrow from my love Eric Delos Santos. Thanks for always saving my life sis!:) Here's the outcome and a few BTS:)

4 pcs. of BTS photos hehe...
 Hair and Makeup by Jerome Chang:)

 Video by 1doorproductions:)

thanks Cza for assisting me:)

And as Ms. ZsaZsa said, "...you never have to settle, there is harmony in perfection." Super deep. Pakiexplain? Labyu! Jk. I wish I could be half as perfect as she is in the future! She is even more beautiful in person. No joke. Anyway, more shoot posts coming! Love you all!:)

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  1. one of my best memories from 2013 i guess :)

    czarina :)


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