My New Travel Partner: BENSIMON!

I have found the perfect shoes for traveling, for long walks, for just about anything. Since I got my own pair of Bensimon sneakers (a Parisian brand) 2 months ago, I have not stopped using it. It now looks madungis, but the dirt stands as my testament to it's level of comfort. Haha. Bensimon invited a few bloggers and press people at their headquarters to take a sneak peek at their line and try them out too. Everyone went home as believers and lovers of the brand:) Photos!

Mango sweater top, New Look jeans, Ruckus necklace, Unica Hija bangle, Meister watch, Promod heels 

But wearing heels could sometimes be a hassle, so I (all of us actually) decided to break in our new sneaks...

So comfy! Got the mint green and I love that it's shoelace-less and the middle, garterized:) 

Photos from the press event!

 Devoured food and cupcakes from Sonjas!

 with Jill and Catch!

 Words from Bensimon top management:)

They said they aim to push the brand as the main shoes for traveling. Achieve naman! It's super light, comfortable, machine washed (yuuup!), and the sole is attached to the body, no division. I love it.


Bensimon has perfected the balance between style and comfort. It's like your second skin. It's amazing. Thanks again Bensimon and Ed for inviting us!:)

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Instagram: @bensimonph


  1. i love your sweater, where did you get it?:) sana iblog-sale mo na sya:)hehehe

  2. i LOVE the outfit!!!! the sweater and jeans combo looks chic Ms. Ais :))

    czarina :))


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