Agent Orange

Here's a random post before I lull myself to sleep. Conditioned myself to sleep before 5am. Trying to beat the tricycle rush here in Cubao, the main cause of my many sleepless nights! Arrgh. My bedroom's window is positioned infront of one of Cubao's main road kaya ayun, nganga! Pfft. Anyway, I am also arming myself with meditation sounds I downloaded last night. Super helpful you guys should try it also! Just search for Kelly Howell on google. Super relaxing and it has this calming effect that could last til the next day. Anyway, here's an outfit post taken yesterday at The Fort during an errand day.  

Okay, so I fell asleep first before publishing this post haha! Good afternoon world! I beat you tricycles! Wahaha. Photos!

photos by Nico
Shana sweater top, Wrangler jeans, Meister watch

Fly Shades polarized sunglasse, Order from Miles shambala bracelet, Onecklace.com Pax necklace

Crumpler Wren shoulder bag. Comes in different colors and designs.

Chocolate Schu Bar from SM Makati wedges

Model off duty look daw sabi nila. Ang kumontra The Grinch. Wahaha. But for serious, sweaters are becoming my go to piece when going out. They're so comfy and easy to dress up. The Clingies / Clingys would agree! We've all started hoarding sweaters, as if we are all based in the North Pole. Haha. I'm wearing all my favorite basics in one outfit. 

The black sweater is a new one from SHANA. It's P600+ lang! Surprisingly cheap! More on Shana soon. The jeans, you all know it's my favorite from Wrangler. Perfect color, perfect style, perfect fit. Actually, to be honest, not anymore... I gained weight! I think. Heehee. The strappy wedge I got from Chocolate Schu Bar from the SM Makati Shoe Crazy shopping party! More on that soon too. The watch, necklace and bracelet I use everyday. I also found my new favorite shades, this blue/green polarized lens from FLY!!! Super fly noh? And then there's my new basic IPAD Wren shoulder bag from Crumpler (love the color) and my new earphones (which you could use for hands free calls) from Urbanears. That's all thank you!:P

By the way, Christmas came early!!! These are just a few gifts/packages I got over the past week:)

 Chocolates + makeup and candle from GOODS.ph! Check their site out! It's a one-stop shop and you could buy almost everything there:)

 My husbands immortalized on shirts. Haha! Thanks ETC for these!:)

 my own Instax! Love the color, so tomboy, so me. Hihi. Plus, everyone just loves the rainbow films. Thanks Mikee and Instax!:)

Wallet & top from The Belle Soeurs. Thank you Vina!:)

Swallow top from Petit Monde

vintage top & dress from COLE VINTAGE :)

 Balm For All Seasons  & organic soaps from HUMAN NATURE! I'm addicted to the balm. Haha. Parang spa in a jar. Love it.

overdue post, but kabuhayan showcase from AVON! Hehe. 

 Red Cross donation from MediaSense. Best gift ever. Thanks guys!:)

Thank you all for being thoughtful and generous. Love you n& Happy Holidays!

P.S. Pwede magfeeling? If you're still thinking of what to get me for Christmas (ehem relatives!), here oh! Choose nalang from the photo below haha.Painting and wall decos from SM. SM Cubao madami. Haha. Thank you! Lels. Although, shoes would also be greatly appreciated. Haha.

Gotta run. Heading to an event and then Exception Music Fest later!!!:) Can't wait to see Krewella. If you're there let's chika. Happy Saturday!:)


  1. i really like the outfit!!! the wedges are awesome!! i LOVE the pop of orange :))

    czarina :))

  2. Hi Aisa,
    Is that lipstick or a lip gloss that you have on? And whats the name of the color it looks so natural...



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