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Will be posting Part 2 of our Baguio trip (where a LOT happened), but first an outfit post! But before that, chika minute muna. Haha. So how are you guys? Are you ready for Bloggers United 6??? It's on December 7 na ha at the World Trade Center. It's in partnership with World Bazaar Festival so do your Christmas shopping there na! :) Hope to see lots of familiar faces there! I'll be putting up a sign in front of my booth so it's easier to find my stall. Hope to bump into you bilang you know how I'm forever running around during BU. If you see me, hug me! Haha. Anyway, I'll be going on an adventure tomorrow with the Clingys and other travel & lifestyle bloggers! We're going out of town c/o 2GO and will be staying on board.  Will dock at Iloilo and Bacolod for a quick tour. Might do mobile blogging but not sure since there might not be a signal sa gitna ng dagat. You know. Haha. Okay here na!

boom! ayan na! haha. Hello cousins, walang edit yan! LOLOL.

 Van Vogue Manila cropped top & sheer skirt, Next Jeans studded denim vest, Romwe bag, Timex watch, Stylized Manila chain bracelet, Zalora heels

Okay, ang hirap mag stomach in ha! Hahaha. So pardon my excess fats bilang constipated forever my peg. Or not. Time to Nike Training Club! Haha. Anyway, here's an outfit idea! Just wear a denim vest when malling, casual meetings or day events and then remove for tugs tugs gimik or dinner date. O db very helpful! I wish. Haha. But when commuting, forget it! Ay you can pala! Wear a sweatshirt over your top muna and then remove upon reaching your destination. Super love this bra like top from Van Vogue, such a versatile piece. I could think of a couple of ways on how to wear this. Aside from what I mentioned above, you could also wear the top with highwaist shorts. I could also imagine myself wearing this while working out. Fasyon! Or or or at the beach, just wear nipple tape. The skirt I also love coz of the sheer effect sa bottom. So nice. 

That's it for now! Have to pack. Have to get up 5:30 bilang Tin Iglesias will be invading my crib to act as my human alarm clock. Nyahaha. Ciao! Love you all!:)

*All Van Vogue Manila designs are made by Jo Beth (Link: www.jobethjavier.tk),they come in limited stocks (for exclusivity purposes).

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