MAYBELLINE 8-in-1 BB Cream + Top Model 2014 Search!

I could attest to the power of BB Creams. I've been using Maybelline (Shade: Natural) for more than a year and I couldn't be any happier. It's light, conceals my dark spots, evens out my skin and keeps me looking fresh for hours. Aside from that it also protects me from harmful UV rays and hydrates my face. It's also very affordable! I'm also ecstatic that they now have the BB White, with SPF 50. Use it as it is or under your powder. Take your pick!:)

      1.) BB Stick - 12 hour anti-shine powder finish!

2. BB Cream (for normal/dry skin) - covers like foundation but doesn't cake, protects like sunblock but isn't sticky, moisturizes like skincare without being oily.

3. BB White (sun protection SPF 50) - conceal imperfections, brightens skin, ultimate sun protection with SPF 50/PA+++.

Maybelline is also looking for 8 New BB Top Models!!!

8 girls will be the 2014 official faces of Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream and 2 will be chosen to be represented by top modeling agency, Ideal People Models. Please see below complete details!


1.) All 8 winners will be named MAYBELLINE 2014 BB Top Models and be ambassadors for Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB for a year.

2.) The highest scoring model will receive an exclusive 1-year modeling contract worth P100,000 with Ideal People Models, one of the country’s most reputable modeling agencies, while the runner up will receive a P50,000 contract.


Must be age 15* and up. Candidates should provide the following for participation to be valid:

(1) Headshot, (2) Body Shot, 
(3) One-sentence statement on why they believe they should be a MAYBELLINE BB Cream Top Model.

Application is from November 4 to November 30, 2013. 

*Ages 15-17 are required to submit parental permission to participate.


Candidates should collect as many votes as possible for a chance to be part of the finals. Each voter is allowed to vote a candidate only once, and can vote for up to 10 candidates.

As one of the 100 style bloggers chosen for this challenge, I was asked to invite you guys to join and mentor! So go take those flawless head and body shots (wearing Maybelline BB Cream of course) and let's win this team!  Haha. Will post mine soon. Wish me luck as well!:) 

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