Stylist Diaries: Karylle & Sam Milby for UNISILVER

I've been so MIA lately even I can't keep up with myself. I actually blame it on my new apartment where my mobile internet suddenly went kaputz. Okay na sana eh sablay lang my 4G signal! Pffft. I can't finish anything or work on emails or my blog coz of the super slow connection. So now I'm holing up in Mich's apartment (yes we're friends guys! For the record okay? Haha) coz net is faster here. Anyway, I miss posting about my styling gigs! So here's one I did a few months ago. Long overdue but I recently saw the final photos. Styled Karylle & Sam Milby for Unisilver's campaign and Brand magazine feature. Theme was Romeo & Juliet, Fairy & Mortal version. Haha. Photos!:)

Photography: Anna Manlapas of AdPhoto
Styling: Aisa Ipac
Assistant Styling: Czarina Anonuevo, Carvey Samonte, Patricia Ipac-Dungo
Hair & Make-up: Jerome Chang & Barbara Bennett
Venue: Fernwood

 Thank you Randall Solomon, Eric delos Santos, Camille Co, Barbara Bennett for the dresses/gowns. Thank you also to Folded & Hung for Sam's clothes!

Behind the scene photos taken by the Unisilver team!

Shoot lasted for 10 hours but it was worth it. It was also a pleasure working with 2 of the nicest celebrities I know. Haven't seen the other photos yet but will post as soon as I see them!:) Happy Monday!:)

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  1. Wow! Super fabulous ng mga style I love em' the beautiful goddess beauty of Karylle..:-) and handsome Sam..Pro for this Blog..Excellent..best choice of ambassador UNISILVER TIME..

  2. i love bts photos!!! spotted myself :)

    czarina :)

  3. ganda ni karylle

  4. Karylle is so beautiful <3

  5. Sobrang Ganda ni K......


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