Hello, Happiness.

Holing up in my apartment coz I am currently sick! Sucks. I have fever and I think I might have a kidney problem. Still waiting for the results so please pray for me!:) Have so much work to do and blog shiz that I feel weird just staying home. Di ako sanay. Hehe. Friends and cousins are here now ransacking my closet wahaha. I love having guests over coz it gets lonely sometimes. But don't get me wrong, I love my me time. :) Anyway, here are outfit photos taken by my girlfriend Tin after the Instax launch 2 weeks ago!:)

Mango dress used as top, Thrifted stripes vest, Forever 21 skirt, Christian Siriano for Payless boots

Another spur of the moment, rush outfit! Dress code for Instax was black/white and I wanted to wear something I could also wear to the Jollibee event. Tada! Any any nalang. Haha.

Anyway, my childhood friend Catch gave me a nice journal during my birthday. He encouraged me to write again. It's  been years since I last made a poem or a song. But the other day I finally had an epiphany, in a cab, while listening to Armin's "This Is What It Feels Like" and Cider Sky's "We Are In Love". Finally wrote a poem after all my brain dead years. Lol. Sharing!

"Electric Love"
Tangled, Renewed,
In the Nearness of You.
Done then Undone in a minute or two.
Dwell in the color & light of your eyes,
aimlessly treading audible lies.
Absolute nothings your touch can suffice, 
the infinite joy of an intangible vice.
Breathe this poignant purple haze,
save me from this unbearable maze.
Touch & fly like a white flannel dove,
surge in this electrical love. #

Happy Wednesday!:)


  1. Aww.. Please take care :) Get well soon!

  2. LOVE your white top Ms.Ais!!! Get well soon and take care always!! i'll pray for you Ms.Ais :)

    czarina :)


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