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Every once in a while the clingys would gather, sans events, and just bond over great food, music, drinks and countless stories. Our latest was a simple get together dinner (minus Tracy and Tin, I miss you guys) last Saturday at TIAGO, Scout Fuentebella Tomas Morato. I think it's one of the best meeting places for friends who just want to lounge and bond for hours. They serve progressive Filipino food from heirloom recipes prepared by award winning chef Kenneth Villaluz, throwing in the mix his own style and techniques. The industrial interiors -- concrete walls, red pipes, vintage displays, sexy leather seats-- also adds up to the place's charm. I could spend hours here just doing nothing haha. Photos!

These items on display are from the owners, John & Sigrid Buendia's archives. That adorable baby photo is their child Santiago. Now you know where the restaurant's name came from.:)

the walls are not actually made of cement, and the wood panel is not actually wood! it was made with love by the owner John. Sigrid mentioned their house also has this same feel. I wanna take a peek see! 

Sigrid told us that this is their first venture and the idea started from their garage. Their friends would come to tambay, drink and eat until someone pitched the idea to put up a resto/bar na. Galing noh?

 the coolest chef ever! 

 early birds Niche and Arnie

And then food was served! I love how Chef Kenneth explained each and every dish. Cooked to perfection, made with love! Hehe.:)
 Inihaw na Tilapia Roll. They use homemade buro fermented for 4 days for that perfect burst of flavor:)

 cutie arnie

 Tokwa't Baboy. Fried tofu topped with grilled or was it boiled pig's ears. Delicious!

 Bistek Pancit. Canton Noodles + Rib Eye Beef + Onion Rings + Soy/Calamansi Sauce. You can eat this with rice or as it is.

 Pinausukang Chicken & Pork Adobo. Smoked chicken in Mindanao Adobo Sauce with quail eggs & pork trotters. Love the sauce!

Tinapa Rice. I don't eat tinapa (since forever) so I just ordered plain rice. But I tasted mga 3 pcs of butil and it's super tasty. I think you'd all love it:)

Pork & Shrimp wrap with gata/bagoong sauce. 

Ana's unique chopseuy. Sauce tasted like vinagraitte. We loved it.

Suman (Sigrid told us this is usually served with Tinapa icecream on top!)

Leche Flan with Saba on top. This you have to taste. 

Overall, it was a unique & heavenly food experience. I tasted flavors I haven't tasted anywhere else. Love how they prepared each dish and also the amazing presentation. Afterwards, we finally brought out our surprise for Paul! He didn't know we organized the whole dinner for him:)

We're proud of how far you've come lalo na being nominated sa Virtual Style Awards of Stylebible!:)

 with my labs Sarah

 Ana, Paul, Arnie 

 Niche who came up with the whole dinner idea

Love you guys!

Great food, lovely place and awesome people. My Saturday night couldn't get any better than that. Time to sched that bonding session with your family and friends! :)

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