Army Navy

Hello, hello! I'm aliiive! No ASAP today so I'll be spending my time catching up on blog posts. But my net's acting up so I hope I get to publish at least 3 entries. Wish ko lng! A lot has happened in my life over the past weeks and months and so far so good. Like the recently concluded Cosmo Bash which I covered for F&H Famous Salon!!! Super win. Haha. Can't wait to share with you backstage photos I took. Swear, 'di niyo na need kumain ng mga 2 weeks. Ay cge buy rice nalang dami ng ulam eh. Nyahaha.  But I'll save that post for later ladies & becks. For now, what I wore muna to the Cosmo Bash!:)

Singapore top, Forever 21 parka jacket, Wrangler jeans, Unica Hija bangle, Police watch, Aldo heels

O db correspondent na correspondent lang the peg. Wanted to wear something I can move in, even the shoes! Of course, I wanted to amputate na my legs after wearing it for 9 hours but that's not bad na compared to my other heels. Comfortable na sha sa standards ko. Hee. It was a super wise decision to wear jeans and bring my parka jacket coz it was freezing backstage! Those 1 million hot guys and oiled sparkling abs wasn't able to save us and turn up the temp. As in igloo levels, wild.

Anyway, I'm loving our sweater weather. It's been raining a lot these past weeks resulting to my rekindled love for online shopping. Been browsing through countless shops searching for sweaters and sweater dresses. Too lazy to dress up these past weeks so that would just be perfect for me. No need to waste time thinking of what outfit to wear. How about you? Where do you usually shop for sweaters? Share!:)

More posts later! Mwah:)


  1. LOVE this outfit Ms.Ais!!! i really like your black top!!! it goes well with your parka and your jeans!!!! tres Chic!!!!

    sweater weather love!

    czarina :)

  2. I really really like this outfit! Totally going to recreate it (Thanks for the inspiration :3)



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