We're All Mad Here

...said the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Hello again! So much stories to tell. Hehe. A lot of things happened in my life the past weeks so I'm still in a daze, in a haze. Plus, I'm turning 30 in 2 weeks (I cannot freakin' believe it) and it feels like my life just started, like this is the beginning of the rest of my life. I'm just glad I've been busy for several days now doing pullouts, emails, research and now with Comfit's upcoming event. Loving the hustle! There I said it. Haha. I think I'm slightly (or hugely) addicted to stress. Kunware pang ayaw. Lol. I'm more focused now with my styling than blogging. Shempre dun tau sa may pera talaga honest lang. Between the 2, blogging always had to take a back seat. That explains my absence in events which I'm really sad about. When I'm not working, I'd rather sleep and rest nalang. Hirap maging thunders na. Lols! Here are photos of my outfitey last Friday! Wore this to a meeting, bonding with blog kada & sidewalk beer session with childhood friends! Yan ang versatile. Haha.:)

Romwe top, Greehills shorts, Le Papillon bracelet, Aldo heels

Don't you just love my top??? So cute and charming noh? Reminds me of the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland bilang parang nakalutang lang the fez. Lakas maka preppy and quirky. Fashion combo. Haha. Moving on... this has got to be the most expensive shoes I've ever bought. It's P5k (oo mahal na sakin yun hehe) but at least I finally got the shoes that has been on my wishlist for ages! Lakas maka Chloe Sevigny by Opening Ceremony which I covet. So comfy and a certified head turner! Win.

So how are you guys? Will chika again with you later! Gotta sleep, long day today.! Watch Showtime pala, styling Karylle this week til half of next week! Toodles:) xo


  1. Ohshit ang ganda nga ng SHOES! :D

  2. When you go to fashion dress stores you will see lots of fantastic dresses, in different style and different taste.You are so sexy!

  3. super LOVE those shoes!!! i really like the gold-and-black combo! indeed head turner! and this outfit is chic! black and white <3

    czarina :)


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