Singapore 2013: Airports & Beary Best Hostel

Hello I'm alive!!! Thank God we booked our SG-Manila flight Monday (19) or we would have been stranded too. 190+ cancelled flights today! Geez. This typhoon's a bitch. It was so hot and sunny in Singapore (plus no free wifi) that we learned of the deluge turning Manila into Waterworld (raise your hand if you watched the movie and the show in Universal Studios heh) the next day na. Flew via PALExpress and the ride was smoother than I expected it to be. Bongga lang. Anyway, before I proceed with my kwentos I just want to send warm virtual hugs to everyone out there who are directly or indirectly affected by the typhoon. Wishing and praying you're all safe and dry. Follow #rescueph and #reliefph if you need or want to give help. Bangon Pilipinas! And f*@k you greedy asshole self-serving politicians who amidst this crisis are nowhere to be found. Moving on!

I'm currently in Medical City looking after my Dad who's been here since forever. Kidding, 2 weeks ago lang. He contracted Pneumonia and they're putting him on hospital arrest to conduct more tests. Please pray for his speedy recovery. Thanks and love you all!He wasn't able to come with us in Singapore so shempre we felt kulang. But the trip was still one of my best though. Basta kasama family the best:) Photos and stories below starting with my airport outfit. Pardon the location naman jan lang matino lighting. Lels.
Jhajing Paris dress, Wrangler scarf, Ever New bag, Thrifted boots

Was in a hurry to get dressed so I just wore my Paris dress from Jhajing, again (eh ano naman hehe), and finally was able to make paandar in my 7-11 tights. Namiss ko magtights swear. Haha. Super comfy naman! You know I always go for comfy yet paandar airport outfits. Tip: Wear nice clothes for immigration! Yun lang. And always always bring a scarf! Love this new one I got from Wrangler. Super functional and chic. Love the material too super soft:) 

with mommy and ate pila-pila for check-in

Booked 8 promo tickets via Pal Express (na dating Air Philippines). I think I booked 4 months ago pa when they had a buy 3 take 1 online promo. Round trip ticket was priced P4,700 per person.

Amazing race to the nearest (in this case, farthest!) ATM machine. Dear airport officials, please add more ATM machines at Terminal 2. The one inside was unavailable so we had to go out pa. They only had Allied bank (na sira din) and BPI (na mejo malayo). So hassle!!! So If you're departing from Terminal 2 it's best to bring cash na.  

Transfer to the aircraft

Was surprised that our plane was PAL talaga. I was expecting an Airphil jet eh. Nice!
my ever reliable Wrangler scarf

airplane food! sweet surprise din coz we didn't expect na may meal even if promo our ticket:) 

After 3 hours, hello Singapore!!!
our first shot in SG. as in paglabas agad ng plane. heh. with my tito, bro, mom, mich, ate and her hubby!

 of course inavail din namin the travellator. Sushal.

We arrived 12am so no more trains. We had to take a cab going to our hostel! Tip: Choose a flight that arrives before 12am so you could still ride the train. Cheaper! Also, choose a regular taxi lang. More expensive if you ride a Benz.

Upper Cross Street!

Waiting outside Beary Best Hostel! Love the location.

City of blinding lights. Tip: Wag magpakuha ng pic sa bulag. Blurred. Peace bro.

Booked an 8-bed dorm room months ago. They have a room with ensuite bathroom it was not available when I booked so common CR nalang. Super okay naman.:)

our small but cozy room

bunk beds!

The room was small bilang andaming beds but cozy. For P4,000 per person for 5 days stay worth it na! They have 4 bathrooms, 2 of which are exclusive for girls lang. They're well maintained and in our 4 nights stay I've never waited in line to use the shower or toilet. Lakas maka college dorm lang. Haha.  Only downside was that they failed to change the sheets so mejo amoy kulob na haha. I highly recommend this hostel if you're looking fir budget accommodation. They have 2 more branches but they're located along Pagoda St. na mejo maingay. More photos here: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g294265-d3313204-Reviews-Beary_Best_by_a_Beary_Good_Hostel-Singapore.html.

That's it for now! Posting our Day 1 adventure later!:)


  1. Nakakamiss naman mag byahe!!! Uy may naaksidente daw now na foreigner sa Sumaging Cave!!! :p

  2. i LOVE your travel outfit Ms.Ais!!! indeed effortless yet chic! i like the cozy touch of the scarf :) excited to see more pics of this trip!


  3. I love your paandar airport outfit! Pretty! :)

  4. singapore! omg i love to go there someday :( and thanks for giving us tips and advice!

    & ate if you have time dalaw dalaw naman my blog! haha
    thank you!


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