Wrangler Worn Across Subic: Tree Top Adventure + Zoobic Safari!

Second installment of my Worn Across Subic post! Ito na talaga ang ultimate adventure day. Adrenaline rush from morning til afternoon. YOLO levels. Upon seeing the Wrangler jeep waiting for us outside the hotel, I knew it's gonna be an awesome day. Photos!

  gwapooooo! Merry Christmas! Okay nato na gift:))
This is not for the faint of heart! If you love adventure and nature, then I'm sure you'd enjoy this otherwise sa hotel nalang kayo. Haha. But cmon, we should live a little db?:) Conquer your fears! But if you have an acute case of acrophobia then mag pass nalang kayo or u might die pa of heart attack or panic attack. But no need to worry for your safety, I witnessed first hand how well trained and prepared their staff are. :)


paartsy muna


The different activity names might confuse you, don't worry I got it covered! Just keep reading to know more about each kind. Bilang tinry ko lahat! Kahit meron ako if you know what I mean. TMI haha.

Canopy Ride
forever partner Lois Yasay of WeAreSoleSisters!

harness harness pag may time

Lois is ready!

new blogger pose. fasyown ba?

waiting for our ride!


Wilwina doing  my favorite pose. Haha

okay this is it!

my group! the hilarious Wina & Kat! Parang ako lang sila kaya winner.

we're good to go! ineeet!

It was a little time consuming coz aside from the pasyon levels sa bagal the canopy ride, we also had to  make 3-4 canopy transfers and we had to wait in between. Na groggy ako sa antok! Haha.

Bridge back to base camp!

So much fun! Zipline Superman edition haha. For 5 seconds I felt like I was flying!

Interactive Free Fall
interactive bilang 3 pcs kayo. It was fun lang sa 1st drop, the next ones waley na.

 You will first be lifted 100 feet above the ground yung levels na kau ng tree and then dropped without any warning. I swear naipit yung sigaw ko I can't forget how funny I sounded haha. The whole experience was liberating though.

Tree Drop

Grand Finale! Haha. It's the most hardcore daw but mas nastress ako sa parachute. I think what makes this scary is the mala Mission Impossible position. Warning: Don't let Kuya fool you. If he's extra chatty then take that as a sign na they'll drop you any second na. Haha!

I survived Tree Top! I also survived these horrible insect bites from an unidentified species. Lol. But grabe ang sakit as in! It's like being bitten by a bee but slightly different. My skin got punctured, the red dots you see above is blood. It turned into a bruise and the marks are still here. :( 

After a quick lunch at Treetop, we then headed to ZOOBIC Safari!:)

Because of this we couldn't stop coming up with Zoo words like zookli (sukli), zoory (sorry), zoo nice, etc. Haha!

 Waiting Area

While waiting for our guide, some of us took photos of the tigers and with them!
Worn Across winners Wina, Joy, Krystal and Kat with baby tiger!

they said these tigers were a gift from the King of Brunei.

 zoovenir shop. 

Here are all the animals we encountered! Guys if you have questions, ask Kuya Kim nalang ok? Haha.

 cutest birds eveeer.

they zoo small! you can feed and interact with them.

 zoo cute the winners o hehe

Stoned. Pinakasabog na ponies na nakita ko. They were not moving! Ganyan lang sila forever.  High???

 our tour guide and Sir Marty..na crush ng tour guide. Haha.

 On to the next station!

 the girls! Me , Lois, Katee and Nicky

We then alighted the train and then into the Zoobic Cave...
 ...which you guys don't need to see. Trust me. Mejo boring hehe.

 walk to remember ng winners hehe! video video pag may time.

 Waited outside the Tiger Cafe for our jeep!

 cute neto

 camwhored the heat and time away

 Ayala pose daw haha

 Wrangler team + bloggers + winners = RAWR! haha

And then the jeep came. It was a cage with wheels. Haha. Went inside a gated field/area where we fed a tiger and a lioness. 2 pcs lang sila. Hehe.

 Fed the tiger chicken. We could all feel his breath and see his laway ha! 

 the guide threw chicken on our vehicle's roof, so up he went...

 eh chumill si kuya ayaw na bumaba! we had to wait for like 10 minutes before he finally got off. Haha.

bye Richard Parker!

 bye lioness

No lion came so I got a little sad. Oh well! Headed to "Close Encounter" next where we had to tread a 2-feet wide walkway and then cages na. We were warned to be cautious coz there were a lot of urine spraying incidents. So mega napraning kami! The guide said tiger urine stings and the smell could linger for up to a week! Ayaw. We literally ran from one cage to the next.

nagninja moves ako so nagulat din sha haha

Then I heard a commotion. Someone from our group pala got sprayed by urine.. sa face! Wouldn't say who nalang but it only proved na shit happens talaga. The person involved just made eye contact with the tiger lang naman and then boom! Split second lang there was spraying na. Pfft. So be careful people! Good thing they took it lightly, so we all laughed at it lang. Lalo na when we saw this...

 alam na. haha!


 malaking OS! hello Paul Jatayna!

Aeta's Trail...
  katutubo dance. 

 hunger games? katniss everdeen? hehe

Our last activity was feeding the crocodiles! Got sad over the torture they had to endure coz of the food teasing, so I gave my chicken away for under 5 seconds. Haha.


 climbing the social ladder. char.


Ended the day with this delicious cup of shushal na Ice Scramble!

That ends Day 2 of our Worn Across trip with Wrangler! I may be adventurous but I did conquer a lot of things that day. Felt so exhausted but it was all worth it:) Day 3 next..dolphins!:)

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