Wrangler Worn Across Subic: Shopping + Pamulaklakin Forest

When Wrangler asked me to be part of their Worn Across Subic trip, I couldn't believe it at first haha. Can't believe they asked ME when they could ask other bloggers naman. I think it's because they know how  adventurous and game I am bilang you all know how I love traveling or just being on the road. And that my friends makes me and Wrangler a perfect match. Okay pinush ko talaga yun haha. Anyway, I think this is the 1st Worn Across trip by Wrangler and it was super successful! Worn Across winner Wilwina Bassig + 3 of her friends (Kat, Joy and Krystal) went on a thrilling 3-day adventure with the Wrangler team plus me (as blogger/stylist) and Lois Yasay (travel blogger). Chaos and hilarity ensued the whole trip! Stories through photos!:) But first, quick OOTD muna. Sorry for the selfie, was too shy to ask them to take my outfit photos. Hihi.

Wrangler denim shirt, Bubbles Powerpuff shirt, Greenlane Shop shorts, Avon bag, Landmark boots

Meeting place was at Mcdo Trinoma where we were fetched by the official Wrangler van...


Rode the van with Lois (of We Are Sole Sisters), Jeruel our official videographer and the Worn Across winners! We were all given a personalized travel kit! So cute!:)

playing cards + band-aid inside!

winners and high school friends Wilwina, Joy, Kat, Krystal

Slept the whole trip, when we woke up Harbor Point Mall na!  Headed to Wrangler store for the winners shopping spree. P50,000 worth of Wrangler items for the 4 of them. Bongga lang! Helped them choose which items to buy and how to style them. But in fairness they know what they want naman na so easy breezy for me. Haha.

Seryoso kami! Game face on. Haha.

After 2 hours... they're finally done shopping! Hihi.

happy shoppers hehe

And then lunch at Cabalen...

After lunch, the winners changed muna into their Wrangler outfits and then we headed straight to Pamulaklakin Forest for our 1st adventure! Can I just say, thanks Katee for not choosing the overnight package haha.


say hello to Jose our resident photog!

Wrangler team Sir Marty, Katee and Nicky na mga shy daw. Hehe!

this is it d na patag!

leader? hahaha

okay river crossing na

yun o umaartsy

the whole trip was documented by these boyzzz

rubber tree!

the dagta (lam nio ba yun? d alam ni mich yun. aka tree sap!) is highly flammable

my partner in crime the whole trip, Lois Yasay!

ako na daw ready haha

where's wally or where's waley? subic edition

100-year old tree!


I'm a mountaineer so I always prepare for treks or hikes. But we sure weren't prepared for this! Haha. Thought it would be an easy hike and the trail was already established,  but nooooo. Mala Jurassic Park the trail! In Mountaineering's term, para kaming nagtraverse and nagbutas ng trail. Lol. Most of my companions were wearing flat shoes and shoulder bags pa naman. Hehe. And we were almost hit by a huge bamboo that fell. Kakaloka.

hawi-hawi, yuko-yuko, gapang-gapang pag my time

haha sorry naman sa haggardness

bloggers and Wrangler team!

bayanihan haha

we had to hold on to vines to keep from falling and para d mashoot paa sa kawayan!

Perooo, achieve ng Wrangler clothes and jeans the masukal na gubat! Wrangler's definitely your companion for the open road..or the open forest! Haha.


they kept asking Kuya if matagal pa haha

my Landmark boots made for walking

  1st lesson on jungle survival, drinking water from this plant's roots!

last river to cross. Ako na naman nangu2na best in participation haha

Jungle survival lesson #2: Bamboos are life savers. You can make a fire, cook and make utensils out of them!

kiskis the hell out of it to get bamboo shavings.

Shavings that you put inside the bamboo and then rub rub until you create a fire. Just go there and see and experience for yourself! Hirap explain. Haha.

They did it! Congrats guys! You just conquered Pamulaklakin Forest with Wrangler. ;)

We couldn't wait to go back to the hotel to bathe afterwards! Every pawis is a waterfall ang drama namin sa forest kadire. Haha. Stayed at Subic Holiday Villas!:)

Used my new Parisian Salvatore Mann luggage bag!:)

packed light too! Achieve! Pero kinulang ako ng damit boo. Haha.

Girls Room!


our room

love our room! aircon was dysfunctional though:(

 Pool Area

other villas

Rested for a while and then headed to Xtremely Xpresso for dinner!

tasty watermelon shake!

Ordered the pesto pasta and ate pizza too. Delicious!

Will post about Day 2 later! Have to checkout now. Heading to Sonyas Garden and Marcia Adams for lunch and to buy some pasalubongs. Happy Monday!:)

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