Take Me to WANDERLAND Again

When I saw the poster (sa Instagram pa ni Anne Curtis), I really didn't believe it at first. Guess I was trained to question things that are just too good to be true. Imagine naman my favorite indie bands in one concert kung di ka ba naman magduda for 1 minute. Anyway, WANDERLAND Music Fest 2013 DID happen. I know how people rant and rave about Coachella every year and this was the closest we ever got to being there. It was the first music festival in Manila (a bit of a gamble) that brought together local and foreign indie bands in one venue, on one stage. So I wanna congratulate Karpos for doing an amazing job! The ticket price was a mini heart attack but for me, but it was more than worth it. Dragged my concert buddy / blog sister Anagon (who's always game I love her hehe) plus Paul came too!:) Got lucky and was able to buy discounted VIP tickets (from 5k to 3,500 nalang) via Sulit. The event was EPIC, definitely one for the books. I could fill this post with an essay like explanation on how this event rocked my boat, but I'd just summarize and break it down for you. Here are all the reasons why Wanderland was (and is) undoubtedly, the music event of the year...

1.  Location

As an events organizer, I know that location or venue is crucial. It could make or break the event. It's always #1 on our to-do list. So yeah, I think the Wanderland people nailed it. The event was held at Circuit, Makati. You know, the former Santa Ana race track (google is god guys). It's pretty easy to locate too. Gave directions to my cousins who went to Circuit Fest and they we able to find it agad. Told them lang, "You know that street below Guadalupe bridge, J.P. Rizal? From EDSA southbound turn right after Guadalupe bridge. Straight lang as in and then there's a part that's closed so you have to turn right, yun na yun!" Taray, nagets naman nila. No need for Waze or GPS. So proud of myself! Haha.

This is the VIP area. Very chill db?! The grass was freshly cut and ground was super clean. I had mixed emotions over their "No Smoking" policy. But nung gabi any any na tamad na mga tao lumabas to smoke. But people were still mindful of their surroundings naman. They usually find a corner, away from the crowd, before they light a stick. Bat bako nagpapaliwanag, eh sa malamang isa ako dun. Haha.

This was Circuit when we arrived at 5pm. It was surprisingly spacious, breezy and cozy (hihi). I mean, walang kaguluhan whatsoever and it was not cramped, so we didn't die from excessive sweating. Loved the overall vibe of the place.

The GOLD area. May barrier but parang wala din coz it was still close to the stage. So I guess sulit na din! Plus, all of the food stalls and the activity area was placed there. Fun! 

I also love the stage proximity. So near yet not so very far! Haha. We were able to find a spot in front as in sa railing na. Love it.

2. Activity Area 

 Giant inflatable slide. Sarap gumulong gulong dito noh?  Tapos may powder sa pag landing bongga nun.

Velcro Wall! Gusto ko to!  San makakabili neto? Haha. Best stress reliever cguro to. If you wanna hide away from the world just put on your Velcro suit and stick yourself up there. Don't come down until you've calmed down. Haha.

booths selling quirky hipster-ish things

amazing live artwork installation by Anjo Bolarda x Martojaks, Secret Fresh and Thursday room

tada! Magic! ganda noh?

Some sponsors provided free drinks (thanks Havaianas!) and photo booths! Plus free water and some freebies. Love iit.

 Rayban booth! Thanks for the mineral water supply (hehe) and bandanna!

 3. Crowd

The Wanderland crowd was just the right amount of hip, cool, gusto, zest and fervor for music. 50% hipster and 50% pahipster. Haha. No maoy. If you know what I mean. Haha. Well, I think may certain target market lang naman talaga this festival bilang P5k ang ticket. Mostly english speaking, slang students and yuppies. Nosebleed levels. I don't belong but I don't care. Haha.

4. Fashion
Music Festivals and fashion/style comes hand in hand. Obviously. Duh. Try to google Coachella outfit shots. Weeks of preparation pa ang iba. Halatang d sila excited. Hehe. Same with Wanderland. It became an avenue of self expression (sana hindi pretentions hihi). Tinodo talaga ng iba their paandars. I had a feeling it would rain feathers, aztec prints, fringe, DMs, cropped tops, floral wreaths, so I kept my outfit simple nalang. Believe it or not, came up with my outfit a few minutes before I left the house. All I know is that I wanted to wear my newly thrifted boots. Ito oh.

2 pairs for P900. Pwede!!!

Super perfect that I received my package from Greenlane Shop the night before, and it contained a nice acid wash highwaist shorts! Thanks Greenlane!:) Here are our outfits!

not so much paandar (except kay Paul! hmp haha) but at least we belong na db? Haha. 

Here are more snaps of the stylish crowd!
 inavail talaga nila ang head dress

they so cute!

 ikaw na kuya! i cant explain that outfit but it's a winner! hehe

or go overboard and dress as an astronaut.

What's your music fest outfit?:)

5. Great Company
Of course, you have to come with friends (who preferably love music as much as you do para walang basag trip) to make the experience more meaningful. Someone to drink with, laugh with, someone to hold your bag when you're answering the call of nature in the portalet, someone to hold your hand, jump up and down with you and sing with you, eyes closed, while swaying to the awesome music. Had the best company that night! Love you Ana, Tracy, Niche, Paul, Jan, etc!

Thanks Chinky of Bauhaus for giving us this inflatable chair as our tambayan that night! Bongga lang!

alin ang naiba?? haha

 ganito na din paningin ko nian. haha. kuhang kuha ng camera! haha

bumped into Dan of Status Mag!

 arm candies!

 with my loves Paul. Bat para taung magkaholding hands dito? yung totoo? haha.
Kyot BFFs Paul and Ana!

more more fun with Tracy  there! Nakahabol pa!

forever partners<3 font="">

so cute ni Sib with his flower wreath.

met Buwi of Parokya!

Story behind our photo:

Ana and Pax: (tambay in front waiting for show to resume, chika chika and silip silip sa cute boy from afar hihi)

Buwi:  (who's infront of us lang) Excuse me, you want me to take your picture?

Ana and Pax: Um, no. Thanks! Would you like us to take your photo?

Buwi: Cge pls!:)

Ana and Pax: Sure. (click) (smiles)

(Both parties turns away and mind their own effin business) 

Pax: Alam mo familiar sha swear. 

Ana: Sino shaaaa. D ko alam.

Pax: Tracy! lika. Sino nga yung guy na yan silipin mo dali.

Tracy: (silips) gagi si Buwi yan ng Parokya!

Ana and Pax: sabi na eh! Papicture tauuu.

Ana: Excuse me can we have a photo with you?

 Buwi: Sure!

Pax: Thank you! We love Parokya!

Buwi: Go Temper Trap! 

(basag trip. joke! haha)

We love you Buwi!:))

6. Food!
Thank God there were food stalls to appease everyone's hunger. We came late, but if you were there since the start of the show, you will definitely go jurassic out of hunger. 11 hours ba naman the event noh. Sana lang there were more food choices. Box office the lines so before you could even buy food, nalipasan ka na ng gutom:(

We lined up for more than 30 minutes just to get dinner. Buti nalang tipsy kami kaya more more kulit less less inip. Haha.

picnic lang! thanks Niche for the food!

7. It's all about the MUSIC!!!

I salute the organizers for coming up with an amazing line-up! Walang latak. It was the perfect mix. Undoubtedly the best so far. From the local bands all the way to the foreign headliners, each one of them unique and has game. Might be hard to top this but I'm sure Karpos has more tricks and surprises up their sleeves. I am certain Wanderland 2014 would be bigger and better. Can't wait.:) 

Manila prides
She's Only Sixteen:) So proud of these kids! Styled them for Bands magazine before, now look how far they've come.:)


 Taken By Cars

Yolanda Moon

Up Dharma Down who performed in between foreign acts. Pinoy Pride!
Foreign Acts

Avalanche City

Colour Coding

Nada Surf. Ana's favorite! Ran to the stage na when they played.:)In fairness itsura nila kuya d pang indie pang rock and roll. Jinudge ko naman sila agad. Haha.

My new fave, Tully on Tully! I love you Natalie Foster<3 span="">

NEON TREES killed it! Best performance of the night.


no more moonwalks, he gave away his boots! and jacket. haha.

crowd surfing! amazing voice, energy and audience connection.

And then, the headliner everyone's been waiting for!
Temper (freakin) Trap!!! I seriously wanted to cry seeing them onstage and hearing them live. Waaah.

I love you sans leopard print shirt. hehe.

Sweet Disposition as their farewell song. Fitting.

Temper Trap was the perfect band to close the festival. Intense yet subdued. Their music transcends beyond expectations, beyond hope, and taps directly to your emotions.  I can't remember if people shouted encore as they left the beaten stage, but it was the perfect curtain call. The only cure for our Wanderland hangover is Wanderland 2014. Bring it!:)

If you want to listen to the bands that played and their songs, click on the link below! Thanks Wanderland people for compiling! Love the playlist!:)

For updates follow Wanderland!


  1. great post Ms.Ais! i really like how your wrote your Wanderland experience!! the outfit is music festival chic!!! LOVE it :)

    czarina :)

  2. Oh my i love your boots! Where did you get them? If you don't mind me asking. :)


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