Take Me to Paris

And so ayun na nga, hope you liked meeting your new bestfriend Dr. Kong! If you have no clue what I'm talking about, just click HERE. Hihi. Anyway, I forgot to include my outfit in my previous post (prematurely clicked enter so it got published even before I could edit), and so here we are. Here's what I wore to the Dr. Kong event! Thanks Arnie for taking my photos:)

Jhajing Paris dress, Next Jeans skirt, Thrifted belt, Anagon "Pax" necklace, Envy bracelet, Chickflick heels

Bought this dress immediately after it was posted on Jhajing's instagram page. You know how much I love anything Paris or Parisian. The length is mejo alanganin so I wore my new denim skirt from Next Jeans underneath. Keri naman ba? Wag na choosy keri na yan. Haha. This dress makes my heart skip a beat! So based on the book I'm reading "Uncluttering Your Closet" this one I must keep. Hehe. Here's a group photo from the event!

 love the interiors. So homey. Wish I could say the same about the food:/

I would like to share with you what I'm doing now at 7am. I'm trying to post another blog entry (I said i'm gonna post 6 but I cannot huhu) while watching Greys Anatomy and while editing more photos. I know I have to sleep na coz I'm doing pullouts later (goodluck sana magising ako) and then Parisian event with the gang. So many things to accomplish today before I leave for my Subic trip tomorrow. Heading down south with the Wrangler team and their online contest winners! We're going shopping, styling, camping, trekking, etc. Adventure galore. I will be going alone (only fashion blogger reprezent) so I'm kinda nervous hihi. Will post photos during the trip, sana kayanin ng battery ko haha. Here's the poster. Aylavet!

I just learned that the fabulous girls behind the awesome travel blog We Are Sole Sisters are coming too. Excited! Sana kayanin ko ang extra challenge Subic edition. Hahahaha. Anyway, have to sign out. Catch up with you again later;) Love you all!


  1. That denim dress. I love it. :)


  2. the denim dress is adorable Ms.Aisa :)the print adds interest to it and very inspiring! Love this outfit :)

    czarina :)


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