Girly Army + Packages + Cheap Monday

A fresh random post! Taken today lang. Woots. Anyway, wore this shirt last Sunday but decided to recycle and wear it again. Don't judge. Tao lng. Haha. Went to ABS earlier today to drop off clothes for Karylle, had the car washed and fixed (got hit from behind sa parking booo), had some documents notarized and went malling briefly. Skipped events and a meeting (an honest mistake) but was glad to spend the rest of the day with Mich. Here it is, rooftop hits!:)

 Heur Sheen shirt, Greenlane Shop shorts

Avon tote bag

Bubbles cap

Watch Factory watch, I Am Girlie love bracelet, Mango chain bracelet

Christian Siriano by Payless booties

So kyot the shirt noh? Would probably buy more of this. The Greenlane shorts came with a partner top but I decided to wear it separately.  The cap is from Bubbles which I can't resist wearing even if I'm not a camo fan. The Mango bracelet I got the other day, on sale. White cute mustache watch from Watch Factory. The silver snake ring, which fits perfectly by the way, is from Silverworks. And the shoes I got  on super sale from Payless Ayala Bacolod for P900, from P2k+.  And that ends this paragraph. Hahaha.

Now on to my ramblings. Had a killer week last week and I'm just happy to be having a chill next couple of weeks. I hope. Haha. No ASAP for 2 Sundays so yey to weekends! Heading to Tagaytay this Sunday for some R&R, long overdue na talaga. Will finally be able to use the Taal Vista voucher I  bought from Deal Grocer a couple of months ago.  

Anyway, here are photos from last week. Some gifts I received plus the Cheap Monday bag I designed!:)

Butterfly Twists foldable ballet flats in neon! So cute and comfy:)Thanks Perkcomm!

 Studded garterized sandals from ELEVATE MANILA! Love!

 Fabulous eagle necklace from GOLD COUTURE!

 My all time favorite hair product, VITRESS!

 Like a Sir watches from WATCH FACTORY!

 Weed top (hahaha totoo naman db) from SHOPTHISEASY.COM

 Awesome wedges from FANCY FEET!:) Headturner to swear.

Also went cray cray over drool inducing shoes at ALDO. Wanted this...
hello Carvey! haha

But bought my dream shoe design instead...
 lakas maka Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony noh?

As I said, I (together with some blogger loves) was asked to design a blank canvas bag from Cheap Monday. It was for an exhibit and I just found out that it would be auctioned. All for a good cause! I wanna buy mine haha:)) 

 best in cramming talagaa. Finished it the night before the given deadline.

 almost done


This is the 2nd time someone asked me to DIY something and come up with my own design. Remember Shulong? It's actually something I enjoy doing! Kakarealize ko lang nian 5 minutes ago hahaha. Anyway, the design I go for are always close to my heart. Things I desire, I love, I fancy. My Shulong pair was all about traveling and being nomadic, my Cheap Monday bag on the other hand was about my love for vintage and fascination with carnivals.   Used sharpie and craypass for this! Thanks Mich for guiding me through the design process hehe. Thanks also Ana for taking exhibit photos for us!:)

ATC exhibit. It's gonna be showcased in Bratpack, Greenbelt and Trinoma next this coming July!

 yiii kilig:)

 by Catch Gaviola

 by Sarah Tirona

 by Paul Chuapoco

by Sassa Jimenez

 by Andi Manzano

 by Gwen Zamora

Which do you like best?  If you could make your own design, what would it be?:) Will share with you details about the auction as soon as we have them!:) Thanks Bauhaus, Cheap Monday and ARC for this fun collaboration!:)

That's it for now.More kwento nalang later.  I have a lot to do today puro errands! Wish me luck and wish I wake up on time! Haha. Catch up with you later:)

P.S. Congrats Hayna Bonifacio for winning my YABU giveaway! Check your email:)


  1. LOVE that printed shirt Ms.Ais!!! so nice with those shorts :) that blank canvas bag designing activity looks so interesting!

    czarina :)

  2. i like yours the most! looks very fun and quirky! :)


  3. Nice look! I just noticed you are supporting BUBBLES ONLINE STORE, the most irresponsible seller online, and the one who never send items to customers and does not reply on follow ups.

    You already have your mark in the fashion/styling industry Ms. Aisa. Please don't feature shops who are manloloko.


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