Pastel Lining + Ganda Trio Styling

I have soooo much backlogs it has become unforgivable. Haha. Listed everything down while Ana and I were on a lunch date post meeting yesterday. Filled the whole freaking notepad, no joke. At least I have a little time today (bilang 30+ hours nakong gising) to work on some. Maka cross out lang ng at least 3 for my own sanity. Lol. Working on Bloggers United stuff and tasks and then blogging on the side. I'm so anxious that I can't force myself to sleep or nap a little. Will push my luck later. Pfft. Been super busy the past few weeks, styling and attending meetings. Will share with you guys my recent works later, or tomorrow or next week. Haha. Ms. ZsaZsa Padilla's new album, which I styled, is now out! Can't wait to get my own copy so I can show you the output and so I can blog our BTS photos. Also styled her for a video for BELO. Not sure if it's already out but will also blog about that soonest! Anyhoo, I'm usually out doing pullouts (it has become my life haha). Here's an outfit I wore one Saturday when I did pullouts and buying for a styling gig for P&G's Ganda Trio promo and event... 

Sabrina top, Bubbles skirt, Thrifted cardigan, Meister watch, Girl Shoppe belt, House of Luxe necklace, Parisian heels

Love this cardigan I got for a steal! Went thrifting last week and I went cray cray. I could just do it ALLLL DAAAY. Haha. This pastel top from Sabrina and pastel skirt from Bubbles are a match made in pastel heaven noh? It could even pass for a dress. Heee. I'm not really confident with my kapayatan so I always wear a cardigan or blazer. Love how this outfit could transition from Preppy to Sexy. Naks. Wala nako masabi. Haha.

Here are photos from the Ganda Trio makeover!
Event was held at Hair Asia Salon, Balete Drive Ext.

 styled the girls one by one! Made them try out the clothes I chose and picked out. Prepared 2 sets of clothes for each girl.:)

In action! Te unglamorous life of a stylist. Luhod, squat, gupit gupit din pag may time.

hello Nina!

 my photog in training, Ariel! Naks sumeselfie. haha.

 nahuhubad na damit ko haha

Pretty girl Rhenmily! Love the clothes on her!:)


 Kristine V.:)

 Rejoice, gandang d inakala! 

Part of their prize aside from the makeover, is the chance to meet and rub elbows with their idols Kathyrn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. Love how the girls lit up when they arrived. Super kyot. When it was time for their one on ones (or one on twos? haha) with their idols, the girls got speechless! Some of them even cried. Aww.

Ganda Trio winners Kristine, Zarah, Alnalen, Rhenmily, Nina with Kathniel

Kath and Daniel were both good sports and I could tell that they really enjoyed their time as well. They were very nice and courteous, not to mention sweet, on and off cam:) Kilig hits. I had my own kilig moment when Kathryn asked the people in the room who styled the girls coz it's really nice daw. Waaaah! Moments like that makes all the dugo't pawis worth it.:) Thanks to my stage mother Kookie! She also got me this job, so thanks Kooooox!:)  Hehe. 

 wawa kookie hihi!

not my usual self to have photos with celebs but what the heck, I love them na! :)

Ending this with a before and after photo of the makeover winners...


Plus some individual photos I grabbed from Rejoice's page:)

They're beautiful before naman na but I love how each of them transformed!  I also saw and felt how the makeover made them more confident and that made me happy na. Congrats again girls!:) 

More photos and details at:


  1. i'm really loving the summer colors of your outfit Ms.Aisa!! it's so light and fresh, in contrast with your black cardi :)

    and the styling you did for the winners are indeed amazing! my fave is what the girl Rhenmily wore :)

    czarina :)

  2. Soooper thanks, Pax! Great job on the styling talaga! Sa uulitin!

  3. Soooooper thanks, Pax! Great job on the styling talaga! Sa uulitin!


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