Hello hello! How are you loveys? I'm down with the early stages of coughs & colds and I hate iiiit. Doing everything I can to suppress it. I cannot get sick. Gaaah. Suggestions please?:) Anyway, blogging sa wakas! Feeling uninspired to blog lately. Guess I'm always tired or sleepy kasi. But will try my best to do SOTD (stories of the day, haha pauso) posts again. I miss that. I have so many backlogs just thinking about them makes me feel more stressed than I already am. Shouldn't be that way I know. Anyway, posting this before I leave the house! I have 3 meetings today plus SM Ladies PFW show later. Again, I hope kayanin ng concealer ko. Haha. Photos from weeks ago when I did the Style Origin challenge at Greenbelt! Story below.

Romwe dress, Wild Soul sunglasses, Jhajing & Envy bracelets, Meister watch, SM Parisian neon brogues

About time I wear this dress! Finally found time to have it altered. Now it fits perfectly! Tennis player lang noh? Haha. And don't you just love my Wild Soul sunnies? Photos from our Style Origin rounds!

We were asked to go to Style Origin  participating Greenbelt stores and instagram/tweet a sneak peek of what will come out on the runway. Had fun doing it!:) My partner was Sarah and then Juliana & Charlene. We were asked to instagram/tweet 6 looks each. If you're my friend on Instagram or Twitter then you've probably seen the looks we posted:)

look #1: Joes Escober gown and Francis Libiran Suit by MYTH

Sarah checking out Banana Republic merchandise.

busy? hehe. Hi Mother Thysz!

Juliana Palermo. Char haha kyot mo girl!

Look #2: Banana Republic Hamptons??? Hehe Love the colors~


Charina Sarte. Love this!

Miss Selfridge


That's it! Did you watch the Style Origin shows? What's your fave? Anyway, I'll see you later at SMX!:)


  1. i love your brogues!!!

    toni perfumed red shoes

  2. LOVE the dress!!! the details are amazing!!! very CHIC outfits Ms.Aisa!

    czarina :)


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