Shift Embellished

Staying home today to work on emails! Less than 2 months to go before the 5th Bloggers United and I'm crammingggg. Argh. Check out our Facebook page later, will upload photos of participating bloggers! Hope you're saving na, this installment is gonna be maj! Tickets could be purchased at SM Ticket outlets and online very soon. Shushal db. There will also be a blogging/styling/photography workshop the next day June 2 with your favorite bloggers, Laureen, Camille, Kryz, David and maybe Lissa (have to ask her pa hehe) plus 2 beauty bloggers. Tickets for the workshop could be purchased soon too. Stressful. But happy stress naman. With all these going on plus my work and my Archive Clothing revival, I think I'm starting to become bipolar. Lord, please help me handle everything. I slightly have a delegation problem (I want to do everything myself para sure ball) so I really need to get my shit together and seek help na or I'll go bonkers. Anyway, here's what I wore to Rockwell last week during a quick pullout session with my loves Jear and assistant Carvey and Adly!

Luscious Closet for Backstage dress, Ever New bag, So Fab loafers

Wore the dress na to Ms. ZsaZsa's album shoot but wasn't able to take photos of it so I wore it again. I think the dress itself made the whole outfit. Bongga eh! Got this on sale pa oha. I want to invest pieces like this coz it's a huge time saver! No need to ransack my closet to mix and match clothes. That's all!

Also...new packages!
Kabuhayan showcase from YSA! Hehe. Seriously, these are reformulated and some are not. Would try these out! Or will make my sister try it;)

Bags from AVON!

GODIVA for your face

...and skin! They only use the premium whitening ingredient which is Licorice. Using the soap and loving it so far:) It's okay for people with sensitive skin, like me!

 Thanks Paul for these! Using the No Tangle Hair Mist and I love it!!! It really makes my hair manageable. Also the No Sweat spray. It's a little sticky at first but it's effective:) Will try out the others soon:)If you want these follow

I also received clothes and accessories in the mail but haven't taken photos yet coz they're with Karylle now. She might wear it on Showtime. But will post soonest I promise!:)

I'm also reviving Archive Clothing again!  For the Nth time. Haha. But seriously, go na to. Looking for someone to maintain it for me (I'd still handle sourcing, alteration and shoot though).  Any takers? Hehe. Will open a new site soon (will not use Multiply anymore). I'm even thinking of going back to where I started, Ebay! Watch out for it. How's Monday treating you?:)

P.S. New blog giveaways posted!!! Check my right sidebar:)


  1. Pag mo na hinahanapan ko ng photo! :) Hahaha... Hindi pa ata ako matatapos at ngayon pa bumagal laptop ko pota pero Ill try!
    ganda ng dress nato :)

  2. the shoes and dress are absolutely stunning

    please follow and visit my blog


  3. LOVE this preppy chic style!! i thought you layered an embellished shirt underneath!! Hahaha! the print is interesting!

    czarina :)

  4. Nice dress, love the pattern :)

  5. always blooming in your posts :) Yey, nabuhay na ulit ako :)) Love your shift dress, dear :)

  6. i'd love to help maintain your online shop! taranoia@yahoo.com


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