Win Invites to the Antony Morato Italian Menswear Launch!

What or Who is Antony Morato? Did you ask yourself that? I did. Haha. I really thought he's a designer or something. But noooo. I don't want you to die thinking so here's a short intro!

AM was founded by three Italian brothers, Tania, Lello, and Giovanni Calderelli in 2007.
Today, AM is one of Italy’s most impressive menswear brands, having expanded its presence to 49 countries in just six years. It brings irreverent flavors to men’s fashion, resulting in looks that are both effortlessly stylish and fun. Each collection is geared towards providing comfort and, above all, an effortless approach to daily wear. Located at Alabang Town Center (ATC), the first Asian mono-brand store opened in November of 2012, offering staple piees such as shirts, polos, jeans, underwear, and other accessories.

So there! Anyway... Two of you could attend Antony Morato's posh VIP launch on March 21 at HYVE!:) Join me and other blogger loves as we all discover what this new Italian menswear line is all about.

1) Follow AM on FB and AM on TWITTER.

2) Tweet this:

"I want to go to the @AntonyMoratoPH VIP launch with @paxieness because_____. Join here: http://goo.gl/peIQZ
3. Leave your name, email and URL of your post below.

Winners will be announced on March 19. Goodluck and hope to see you there!:)

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