Sagada Day 2: Bomod-Ok Falls + City Tour

My last blog post on my super fun Sagada adventure with the YOLO gang (don't judge our name ok haha)! This time, we walked rice fields and climbed rocks just to get a glimpse of the famous Bomod-Ok falls. Had a near death experience here! OA ko pero parang ganun na yun for me. Haha. Plus a quick city tour in the afternoon. Stories through photos!

armed and ready in our Shulong shoes!:) made our 2-hour walk a breeze!

suki ng Strawberry Cafe! they make quick meals!

our hiking outfits. keri na ba? hehe

breakfast is here! Nom.

happy eater hehe

our dessert, strawberry pancakes!

Let the trekking commence!
si tracy parang nagmamalling lang hihi

good morning! bagong gising no makeup no ligo look! haha

may gimik si little girl hihi

lakas maka probinsya hehe

view from the top. nastress ako when I saw the little people walking sa bandang baba. layooo

ayan zoom natin!

their playground!

magtanin ay d biro! swear!  hehe

after 2 hours of walk

ayan na shaaaa! Bomod-Ok falls

but parang may pilgrimage sa dami ng tao! super crowded so we decided not to climb near the falls na

tampisaw the movie

tampisaw part 2

hello ana

chillin like a villain

we love our Shulongs!


bayanihan hehe

like a boss. 

Getting back was harder than the trek down, obviously. We had to climb steep & high stairs. It was easier than my past climbs or treks but the heat was unbearable. We had to walk on ricefields so there were no trees to shade us from the deadly sun na tirik na tirik at 12pm. I was also wearing Mich's thermal jacket coz I wanted to hide from the sun. I was leading the pack (with the very fit Tracy hehe) so it surprised me when I suddenly felt weak and saw black clouds in my eyes closing in. I nearly fainted nakakahiyaaa. I still tried to make it to the store (I was so thirsty) and just sat at the stairs. Ana saw na I was white as a ghost so she gave me water and Mich gave me a bar of chocolate. I panicked talaga. I've had experiences like that before but not while I was treading a steep pathway with bangin sa side! I think it's because of extreme heat, thirst, lack of sleep and my heart wasn't able to catch up with my hingal. Oh well, papel. 

Went back at the hotel after to rest for a while and bathe. Assembled an hour later for our city tour! 

 cute map!

old church

ganyan fez ko coz I was pissed at Mich (who was taking the photo haha)

love you girls!

plants vs. zombies setting lng

ano yan ana? hehe

we're so happy!!! haha

The Travel Lab group!

can you see the hanging coffins?

in character 

Sagada Weaving store

colors everywhere!

what we do during our spare time. haha

with james of Travel Lab!

Our awesome guides and driver

spent hours looking for a nice place to eat dinner (most are closed or full! grrr) but found this resto near our place!!! 

Tracy and Ana kept scaring each other with "cabin in the woods" like stories. Laftrip

While we were waiting for our food, I suddenly felt sick again. Was so dizzy I couldn't even stand up. It was the first time it happened, me feeling dizzy for hours. I wasn't able to join the girl's massage session (booked some masseuse) coz even small movements make it worse. Sayang.

love my Tickles eye mask! helped me a lot!

Overall, we all had an amazing trip. Sagada was how I've always thought it would be, chill, quiet, beautiful, refreshing. Mich and I had been planning to go to Sagada, but we've always been discouraged by the thought that we need a big budget for it. Travel Lab is an angel! For P3,700 we were well taken care of. Thank you Rizza and James for everything!:) Book with them guys, promise it's worth it:)


  1. i realy LOVE your bart denim shirt Ms.Aisa!!! too adorable!! the rice terraces are so cool :))

    czarina :)


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