Sagada Day 1: Tips on How to Conquer Sumaguing Cave + Hanging Coffins

Better late than never ever! Wahehe. Finally found the time to blog about our EPIC once in a lifetime (or in Ana's case, twice in a lifetime haha) experience inside Sagada's most famous tourist attraction, SUMAGUING Cave!:) I've read lots of posts about it and heard a hundred stories, but I'd say no amount of blog posts or stories could ever fully describe or define the death defying experience one goes through inside. Haha. This happened during our 1st day in Sagada. I had no sleep (wasn't able to sleep in the van) and I had very little energy, so mega super effort talaga ako sa caving adventure. Here are photos!

 1.Prepare proper caving or spelunking attire.
I know we might not be wearing what's "proper" but hey, it still worked for us! Haha! But for serious, one should prepare quick drying clothes and aqua shoes maybe? Wearing leggings/thick tights was also a wise decision on our part! Woot. Thank you Cebu Stylista for this fab Hello Kitty shirt! Hehe.

on our way to Strawberry Cafe!

2. Eat a hearty breakfast!
We're a suki of STRAWBERRY CAFE!

they grow and serve fresh strawberries. P100 per bowl! 

affordable meals

and fast service! food's great too:)

contrary to popular belief, they serve the BEST yogurt in town!

fresh strawberries + yogurt = ang healthy much namin! haha

3. Game Face On! And listen sa briefing. Hehe.

4. If unsure, CROUCH, SIT and SLIDE!!!
 slippery when wet hehe

5. Stay with your group and guides!

6. Don't be shy to ask for help or a hand

7. Enjoy & Appreciate!
 8. Trust your guides. They know best!

9. Use your imagination and arm yourself with a good sense of humor. Lol.
hoong bastuuus

chocolate gelatin! hihi

can you see the doggie?

10. Be ready to get wet, do some stiff neck inducing crawling and death defying rope action!
nagmomodel pa ng Meister watch! haha.

11. I hope you're not afraid of the dark!

12. Don't forget to smile and pose! Haha. You can bring a small camera lang and hand it to your guide coz they'll know what to do and they document well! Haha.

13. And last but not the least... YOLO!!!

14. It's best to rest for an hour before visiting the hanging coffins. Suicide if you do it immediately after! Lols.
scary shiiiit hehe but surreal. their dead are brought here after days of mourning. they are placed in mini mini coffins in fetus position.

It's a wrap! hahaha. 

This awesome tour is included in our P3,700 tour package. I think they're on sale pa now for P3,500 nalang, avail niyo na!!! Visit https://www.facebook.com/TravelLabPH?fref=ts now na!:) We're joining their Mt. Pulag climb next. This is it, more more YOLO moments. We love you 2013!:)

P.S. Thank you to my sisters Ana and Tracy for photos! Love you!


  1. Ang EPIC photos na cause ng you know what!!! Hahahahhaa! ;D Laughtrip parin reading about this! :D Sobrang THE BEST! To more Yolo moments!

    Ganto ba talaga ang 2013? Everytime nagkikita tayo dapat YOLO nalang? DI pwedeng event event chill chill? Hahahaha! :D

  2. Ang saya! I want to do this next time!

  3. wow! this is really worth trying!!

    czarina :)

  4. kunjungan pagi, selamat beraltifitas kawan

  5. wahhh i missed the fun!!! Such a nice place! Miss you guys! Let's catch up soon please!

  6. Hi. Were all of you barefoot the whole time? Isn't it that slippery? I was planning to go there this summer with my friends eh.

  7. Wow! Amazing! We're set on April 22 & 23 SAGADA tour.Thank you for sharing your group experience.

  8. Wow! Amazing! Thank you for sahring your group experience.It will surely help us.We're set for Aprul 22 and 23 ,2017 SAGADA TOUR.


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