Cutefest: Satu's Day Out at Purple Groom!

Satu is the Godfather of all shihtzus. He's so spoiled and adorable that he's the only one who could get the full attention of my anti-social brother. Lols. Also, I think one of the reasons why Mich and I got a car is because of him. Haha! But seriously, we love taking him out. We also love having him groomed! Two weeks ago, we brought him to Purple Groom's newly opened grooming station (their 3rd!) in Tiendesitas. Here are photos!

 it's small compared to their other stations but I love the interiors and it's clean inside

taray ng chandelier

BEFORE (so dungis!!!)
Assessment first. Satu, so behave naman but so dungis

Satu: this iz it! bye for now mamas. cu in an hour!

Satu: um, you're still here guys?

Satu: hair trimming

like a don!

or are you a ballerina? ha satu? haha

cute dog!

 dog whisperer the peg?

Took a quick dinner break and came back an hour later...
tada! so fresh and clean and gwapo!

 can't stop hugging and smelling him!

kiss kiss! hihi

 sarap your nose Satu? haha

In summary, Satu came out transformed and polished! He looked refreshed and relaxed. His hairs were trimmed, nails clipped, combed, powdered, etc. Sulit na talaga!:)
Jayme Petshop (same owner of Purple Groom)

so cuuuute

located across the new purple groom station

Again, thank you Purple Groom for taking care of our baby! More Purple Groom adventures soon!:)

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  1. oh goodness, satu is such a cuuuutieeee!!!! feels like hugging it <3 <3


  2. Satu is a very lucky dog! Oh well, it deserves all this pampering because it's so Cute!!!!

    czarina :)


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