Sweat It

I'm heading out in a few minutes. Meeting up with my cousin for another round of driving lessons! Woot. Can't wait to finally get my non-pro license next month so I could already drive alone. Mich and I recently bought a 2nd hand car which we named Chloe. Hihi. My days of paying P1k+ a day for cab fare is over. Well, slightly over. I hope I don't die on the road though (morbid lang haha). Anyway, here's a super late outfit post. Taken last month:)

 Unarosa sweater & shorts, Ruckus necklace, Meister watch, SM Parisian leopard oxfords

Wore this to a quick meeting + shopping with a prenup client:) So comfy this outfitey. I think sweaters are one of my favorite wardrobe staples as well. So easy to wear and style. This one from Unarosa is so soft and stylish! It's not Mich's favorite though coz she can't sleep or lean on my shoulder when I'm wearing it. Hehe. 

Anyway, here's Chloe!
so pretty.

Practice driving with the best teacher in the world, my cousin RJ! Too bad, he's leaving for Dubai in 2 weeks:(

Also got this in the mail today! My own BE BITKO shorts sent by the designer Emily from Australia. Thank you Em, love it:) Thanks for making me an ambassador as well!

And let us all support my blog sister Anagon's Valentine collaboration with The Little Things She Needs. Buy these wire necklaces from TLTSN stores!:)

That's all for now. More giveaways, more posts later! Love you all!

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