Peachy + Waffles

Hellooooo! I'm sooo sleepy. Always sleepy lately. I'm still adjusting, but I'm happy to say that I now sleep normal hours! Well, normal for me is anytime before 3am. Pwede na yun kesa 5-6am! Haha. Had to force myself to adjust fast 'coz of my schedule. Been telling Mich how this year is and will be all about work. My styling "hobby" has shifted from magazines and broadsheets to celebrities and brands/campaigns! And I'm really enjoying it. It's tiring, stressful, difficult, but it's worth it. I can feel (and see) that 2013 will be my styling year and I'm owning it! Excited to unravel what this year holds for me. Sana naman less heartbreaks. Anyway, here's another late post. Taken during one Sunday I finally met the ultimate diva Ms. ZsaZsa Padilla! Surreal. It's truly an honor working with one of the kindest, nicest, most talented people in the business that is showbizness. Hehe.:)

Promod sweater, Mango skirt, Avon bag, Aldo watch, Pinkbox bangle, Jhajing necklace, Primadonna rainbow wedges 

Already told you about my quest for cheap/budget lakas makayaman clothes. Been doing great so far. Planning to slowly but surely revamp my wardrobe. My goal is to only feed my hungry closet with classic, good quality and vintage pieces. Bought my top and skirt on sale. Top was just P500 and skirt P999 (from 2k I think). Mahal na yun sakin ha, but since I could style them naman in more ways than 3, gora na. I usually get trendy pieces from ukay or online stores nalang. :) Speaking of which, I really miss ukay-ukay shopping. Planning to spend one whole day doing nothing but thrifting. Soon!!!

Moving on... After dropping by the Padilla/Quizon's house, headed straight to Greenbelt. Met up with the lovely Geraldine (owner of House of Luxe) to try and see their new business, Famous Belgian Waffles!

love their booth with wood panels! cuteee

 and look at the pricelist! so cheap!:) even I got surprised. hehe.

Now this is how you make good waffle...
pour batter & spread

after a few minutes, tada!

spread spread some jam
fold and serve!

wooow! nomnom

Blueberry cream cheese, Ham & Cheese, Hazelnut, Banana Hazelnut

omg nagugutom tuloy ako haha

the super nice owners Geraldine and Marvin dela Torre:)

we ordered hot choco and it's sooo good. comforting even. hehe.

Thank you for the awesome snack/semi dinner guys!:) Mich  loved it too. Obviously. haha.

You guys should try it out. They offer many flavors (can't wait to try the others) and they're all super tasty and hindi tinipid the ingredients. For just P40 sulit na db? Go na! They have many branches but this one is in Glorietta Food Choices/Food Court.:) Happy eating!


  1. Vraiment sympa ces photos :)

  2. I think it's good talaga to find clothes that are worth it--where you can style it in so many ways. Para sa akin, ang 999 skirt mo from 2k ay OK na Ok!! haha :))

    You are so fashionable talaga dear. Please keep posting. Nakaka-inspire! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES
    ---from DAVAO---

  3. I love your Aldo Watch! How much is it? :)



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