Discovering Binondo: Ramada Hotel + Tour!

I was lucky enough to have been invited by RAMADA Manila Central Hotel to discover, witness and experience the magic and beauty that is Binondo and also take part in their Chinese New Year festivities. Brought Mich with me (my forever travel twin) na mas excited pa sa lahat ng tao dun. Lol. Here are photos!

Thrifted shirt, Wrangler jeans, Converse sneakers

 Did not want to look overdressed or maarte since I was in the midst of lifestyle and travel bloggers (hehe), so I decided to just wear an old plaid shirt with my new Wrangler jeans! This one has a darker wash and like my other pair of Wrangler, soft as a cotton and fits perfectly!:) And as you can see, there are Ws all over! Cute:)

Now here are our Binondo photos! 
facade of the lovely Binondo church

beside Binondo church is, tada! RAMADA Central Hotel!

Ramada is a relatively new hotel situated at the heart of old Manila. Their goal is to promote Binondo through their "Discover Binondo" campaign.

Entrance to Ramada. Masayang kaguluhan! I likeee.


and me.hehe

google map? hehe

very friendly kuya

lakas maka Marie Antoinette!


my plate! d ko favorite mashado young corn noh?

so useful!

i see Sir Azrael and Ms. Lace!:)

After giving our mala-zombie-sa-level-ng-gutom stomachs their much needed refill, we were then escorted to our assigned room to rest for a while. Suite! Chuchal!

may excited pumasok

may excited kumain ng welcome tikoy namin! teka sino ba blogger dito? lol

may excited lumafer ng complimentary green apple! grabeee. hehe

our chic and cozy room:)

bed's so soft and pillows super fluffy i wanna diiieeeeee. and look at our turtle towels!:)

wala  ako ma-say sa walk in closet! love it!

of course, d ko din pinalagpas this luxurious bathrobe! swear i just had to experience it. Haha.

so spacious,clean and well lighted the CR! we love it! obviously. hehe

so inviting the tub!

but no thanks, i'm more of a shower girl:)

sila na ang winner sa towel arrangement talaga!:) and notice the abundance of toiletries! hehe.

vanity mirror.

in-room dining pricelist! can I just say inubos ni Mich ang tea. hehe.

staying true to their tagline! and sorry naman sa pangit na nails ko. Lols.

I love personalized notes/letters, kahit computerized pa yan. Hehe.

I love the Primer Group!:) Brought my Hedgren overnight yellow bag and my Herschel vintage backpack:)

I know we were told to rest and enjoy our room, but bilang claiming 2013 career wise ang peg, I still managed to squeeze in work (meaning pullout) in our mini vacay. Haha. After putting down our things and taking quick snaps of the room, Mich and I rushed out for our quest to find Roel Rosal's atelier to pick up Ms. ZsaZsa's gowns for ASAP the next day. Hustler! Haha.

outside the hotel

more tikoys for you!

all variations of pampaswerte! buy all, sayo na ang Binondo! haha

it was super crowded but can't help but smile coz of the place's good energy:)

wearing a Wrangler tee and jeans! Wasn't able to take decent outfit shots of this one so I will just re-style it, soon!:)

festive lobby

We came back just in time for the tour!
short briefing. hello Sir Azrael! hehe

Ramada gave each one of us a detailed map where you can see all the sites & places to visit, as well as their partner establishments for great deals or discounts!

and off we go!

1st stop: Dong Bei Dumpling!

fresh! kaya naman super jampacked always. we were not able to eat here or takeout man lang coz place was packed:(


amazed lang si girl

tour mates!

2nd stop: Santo Cristo de Longos shrine. The huge cross, sampaguitas & incense presents a noticeable fusion between Catholicism and Buddhism. Coolio.

welcome to Chinatown:)

ang saya saya!! d naman halata kay kuya sa lower right db?

Hello Ongpin, we meet again. Ongpin is where my mom bought me a gold ring when I was 8-10 years old for P500, which I pawned later on for P1,200 during my feeling rebel teen years after I ran away from home for like 2 days (duuh haha). Epic moment, when I told my Mom how much, proud pa sha sa kinita ko!Hehe!

out with the old, in with the new! kaya they're burning those papers. Hula ko lng naman. Okay mali pala. They're burning these Chinese "monies" so their loved ones who had passed away won't suffer in the afterlife.

3rd stop: Eternity shop

more more charms, more more luck! hihi

ayan na the dragoooons

colored chicks. in tagalog: jinobos na chix! wawuuh. ayaw ng PETA yannnn:/

4th stop: Carvajal Street -- a small eskinita that's sure to satisfy the food junkie in you! Mich dragged me back here to buy fruits

taray ni Tracy may building!!!

tsalap! my favorite! :)

5th stop: Roman Ongpin monument
it ain't Manila if there's no kalesas! and the smell of their poop. heh.

6th stop: The beautiful Binondo church

Discovering Binondo through Ramada Manila!

bought a candle in every color. prayed for everything:)

love the murals:)

the purple firetruck!

After our 2-hour tour, we went back to the hotel for meryenda! Woot. Mich and I decided to spend all our food fair stubs in one go. Takaw lang!

Fiesta??? Chicken laksa noodles, Prosperity salad, Matchang, Kutchay dumpling

After eating, we headed back to our room for some tea and to nap! Woke up a few minutes after 7pm and prepared for dinner.:) Wasn't able to take photos of what we ate (was still charging the cam) but here's what our fortune cookies foretold...

"An opportunity to make a career stride will be revealed to you". And the cookie has spoken! 2013 is miiiine. Bwahaha.

Part 2 of our Binondo adventure up next! Plus some more blog utangs. Hihi. Working on it, stay tuned...;) I wanna say a huge and warm thank you to Pam and to the management of RAMADA!:)

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*Ramada is professionally managed by Hospitality International, Inc.

Ongpin cor. Quintin Paredes St 1006 Manila, Philippines

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