Styling Stint: Chie-Polan Prenup + Bag Authority SG!

Here's another prenuptial shoot I did last year! I was not present at the shoot coz I had to be somewhere else, but I met up with the couple (plus her sister, my girl bessy Cecille and their mom) the day before so I could prepare and hand over her outfits. We spent almost an hour going through my closet, mixing, matching and putting it all down in writing. Also came up with the groom's outfit sets (that should complement the bride's.. ALWAYS) by looking at Iphone photos of his clothes. Oha. Cecille, armed with our listahan, did the dirty work (hehe) and I love how it turned out!:) In fairness we make a nice tandem ha. Some of the details or touches were by Cecille lang. :) Photos!

Photography by: Warm Lights Studio
Styling by: Aisa Ipac and Cecille Cunanan

they want a simple layout wearing matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse shirts. Awww:)

Congrats again Chie and Paul!!! Blogged about their wedding HERE. :)

Speaking of styling gig, remember my Hermes retailer shoot September of 2011? It's for an Hermes retailer store in Singapore. I finally saw the store photos, they're huuuuge. So kilig!:)

Weee! Congrats to our team-- Tin, Anton, Mycke and Natasha!:) 

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