Love Like a Sunset

Almost 3am now! The 2 sleeping beauties beside me (namely Ana and Mich hehe) are as dormant as doormats, currently lost in their own dreams. Ano kaya panaginip nila? Hihi. Looks like I won't be able to finish this article I'm writing for Nuffnang coz file download is taking forevaaah. Anywaaay, ending this day with a random outfit post! Taken 30 minutes before sunset, I love sunsets. :) Bloggers have different outfit shot witching hour, mine for some reason is 5pm. I don't know why but photos turn out nicer during that time. It's when the sun and the world is a little kinder and quieter? I know weird pero that's how I see it walang basagan trip. I'm on a Life of PI mode here. Mich, Ana and I had a discussion about it on the plane and it was hilarious! Pang tropang trumpo levels. Lols. Photos!

Desino Dulce top, Jewels and Charms blazer, Next Jeans pants, SM Accessories bangle, CMG pumps

This style is what I call "business casual" or lakas maka Vern Enciso look! I have this talent of naming people's styles and I think that's what best describes my love Vern's. Love you sis! Was in a hurry and I wanted to wear something businessy but casual. Pucha sabaw lang. Sorry no sleep since yesterday. Lol. 

Okay I give up. Will just catch up with you guys tomorrow!:) Touring Cebu again later. Loving it as always. The rest of the gang (Aie, Tracy, Paul and Niche) are also arriving today so yey! If you're here in Cebu, I (together with Ana, Tracy and Aie) will meet up with Cebu bloggers later at David's Kitchen, IT Park. Everyone is welcome! Would love to meet everyone! See you?:) Promise I don't bite. Haha. Mwaaah!

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  1. love the floral blazer. oh my, sana maabutan ko kayo. i haz a meeting ngayong gabi eh. enjoy cebu!

  2. Enjoy your Cebu stay with the rest of the gang! Take care din :)

  3. LOOOOVE! Your outfit! :D


  4. I love your blazer. It screams SUMMER!


  5. your top really goes well with the blazer Ms.Aisa!! the whole outfit is chic!!

    paint it stripes

  6. ang gondo ng blazer te!!! :D i miss you i hope to see you soon!!!

    The Bargain Doll

  7. Beautiful!!! :)



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