Life's a Beach

Was able to hangout with the rest of the YOLO gang on our 3rd day in Cebu. We wanted to escape from the city (it was actually Tracy's idea haha), so Niche booked a van and we headed straight to the beach! It was a last minute thing so we went to the nearest and most hassle free beach which was Portofino. We all weren't able to swim but we were able to chill and bond for hours. Always always a joy hanging out with these cool peeps.:) Photos!

American Apparel shirt, Wrangler denim shirt, Thrifted shorts, Rayban aviators

Necklace from Mich's mom, Victoria's Secret from Ebay bandeau

from Gazel native bracelets, My Gilded Nest charm bracelet

Meister watch, Anagon YOLO bracelet

So! FAB sandals 

Impromptu beach ensemble! I was originally wearing a maxi dress but changed at the last minute when I saw my friends wearing shorts lng. Bilang inggetera ako nakigaya na din. Lol. Okay fine, the real reason was I haven't shaved my kili-kili (scarcity of razor haha). Wahehe. Well, it turned out okay coz it gave me the opportunity to wear my Wrangler denim shirt again! Don't worry, amoy bago pa din naman. Hee. Love how versatile this shirt is! Anyway.... back to the photos!

hotel mates!

coffee coffee for the sleepy heads!

the other side of the van hehe

we could do this allll daaaay

tracy's friend, our new friend, pretty Den!

sa totoong buhay, busy ako nian sa pullout. no vacations for me! but i love it thank you Lord!

Tanduay, reprezent!

emo kid

love you girls!

Taking outfit photos was hard as hell with these crazies around. Here's why...
Huli kayo!!! Thanks guys ha ang su2pportive nio! Hahaha

ayun oh katy perry! wooo! hot!

Naks, Bruno Mars???

ayun naman eh, Sam Pinto???

Reese Witherspoon and Christine Reyes (sorry Aie waley me maisip hehe)

And then came the tombax hits...
for the record, si tracy ayson nagpicture nian. hahaha!


grabe mga anti-social!!!

some of the most real and chill people I've ever met. love you <3 br="">

Had our super late lunch at Zubuchon!
sorry baliktad tamad nako lumabas

busy sa karirs

busy sa career

busy sa food na kinakarir

walang relevance, cute lng. haha

No photos of our food, patay gutom mode agad eh. Sowee.

Day 3, Part 2 coming up next!!!:) Will blog about Ana's birthday dinner and the Sonic Boom event. Thanks for reading!:)


  1. POTA! TAWANG TAWA AKO SA SAM PINTO HAHAHAHAH! Christine Reyes talaga si Aie! Coveeeet! AND OVKEEERS!!! TAWANG TAWANG TAWA AKO SA REESE WITHERSPOOON! APRUB! ;D Akkkk! More trips pleaaase ang sayaa!!!

    1. Nakakainis yun Sam Pinto! Hell no! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA lam mo yan ana haha

  2. Hope ya enjoyed Portofino.. I could've gotten you a discount! hehe

  3. I envy how you manage to blog so often, and also all the amazing places you visit. Maybe it is also becaise it is just 2 degrees in Milan and you are at the beach :-)


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