Going Back to Basics

Spent this week catching up with HS friends. I've missed them a lot! I'm too lazy right now to transfer photos from my camera to my laptop, so I'll save that for later. For now, here's an outfit post taken last week during (yes during talaga haha) a dinner and tea date with crazy HS friends (hi Cecille, Miki and Gsel!). Photos and then more kwentos below.

 Basic House checkered top, Romwe tweed shorts, Ruckus necklace, Meister watch, Aldo gift from Jear bracelet, Fab Manila bag, FitFlop DUE ballet shoes

Okay, this 2013 I vowed to only keep and buy lakas makayaman and good quality apparel. I think if you're in the fashion industry, you should really invest in nice clothing pieces. First impressions or any impression could be formed rapidly based on the clothes that you wear and how you wear them. If you're always on a tight budget (like me haha), trust that you'd be able to find amazing pieces if you just search patiently and eagerly. You don't even have to spend too much! Believe me. You know I'd never buy overpriced anything. I breathe for ukay ukay, and thrift shops are still my not-so-secret heaven. And I always ask myself this, "Bat ngayon ko lng to naisip???" hahaha.

Anyway, back to my outfit! The plaid top is another treasure from Basic House. I actually got it from the Men's section! I think Tracy got hers from there too. Hihi. Got the smallest size and I think it works naman when worn. Fell in love with the mix of color and print!  Mich was the one who plucked this from the rack for me. She intentionally got this coz she said she wants to wear this too. Haha. Sneaky!

Now that summer's almost here, am now stocking up on shorts! I love high-waist shorts because I have a long torso and short legs, and it's the perfect way to balance them. I'm now into the more versatile ones, those I can wear in the mall and also to meetings. This one from ROMWE is perfect! Love the fit, the material, the gold chain details and the fringed pockets! Notice that it added more inches to my hips. Woot. Ifringe ko kaya lahat ng pockets ng shorts ko. Wahehe.

The bag from Fab Manila could fit EVERYTHING. So spacious! The watch is from Meister's new spring collection and I love that you could wear this with dressier pieces of clothing. Fitflop's ballerina wedges saves me from the misery of shoe selection when I only want a little height and comfort. I wanna say thank you to my bessy Jear for my new lakas makayaman bracelet!!!:) All of these are my new basic go-to pieces.

Speaking of basics, there's a new house that's sure to satisfy your korean fashion cravings. Yes, this brand came all the way from Korea!!!

Girl's section!

 Boy's section!
Ana looking every bit the koreana she is haha! Cuuute.

i missed you Aie girl!!!

hello girl hihi

Already shared with you one of the pieces I took home HERE. I still have one more to post! Remember my red pants? You already saw it on my New Year's eve post, but I decided to style it some other way nalang. So watch out for that!:) I suggest you head over to Basic House STAT. Check out what you've been missing! It's a little pricey (shirts are P1500-P2k+) but I guess it's worth it naman coz you're actually paying for quality and versatility. I think basics (and classics) really define the term wardrobe staples (or is it the other way around?). Remember, trends come and go but basics are forever! :)

Basic House is located at The Shops, Greenhills & 2nd level, Metroeast.

 For updates, follow Basic House:


  1. I was looking for this at Greenhills nung Tuesday! Haha! Mahalia nga! :))

  2. I really love your shorts.

    XX, Jenniya

  3. I love cheap clothes that look expensive.. The way you style this look one might think that everything that u are wearing is super high in : )

  4. i agree basics are so versatile and classic! love outfit Ms.Aisa :)



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