Geometric Play

Hi guyssss! I was supposed to post another giveaway, but I can't find the file in my email so I decided to post a random entry instead. Hihi. Anyway, this is my latest of the latest outfit photos! Mich took them yesterday when I met up with her (and crashed at her office again, thank you Friendster hehe) after pullouts. I'm still a little sick (last stage before being totally cured) but I'm so much better than the past days. Anyway, here are photos! And more chika at the bottom. Hee.

Romwe top and skirt, Moschino belt from Designerati,Unica Hija bangle, Meister watch, CMG Matthews wedges

This particular outfit was an extra outfit set for my shoot last Sunday. Wasn't able to use it though. At least, I didn't have to waste time creating an ensemble earlier. Hihi. This geometric top reminds me so much of Prada's F/W 2012 collection!:) Also decided it was time to use my pretty pretty belt. Sometimes I reserve or save certain pieces of clothing for special occasions, and then, before I know it, a year has passed! So gamitin na agad agad sayang eh. Agree? Also loving my new suede wedges from CMG. I love you CMG! And thank you:)

Anyway, I just want to take this opportunity to thank more brands / shops who were thoughtful enough to remember me last Christmas.:) Thank you so so much:)

Black carmi wedges from CMG with a personalized note! Sweet<3 span="span">

from RLC:)

Perfume and scarf (yey!) from For Me:) Thanks Ms. Rita!

Goodies from NIVEA! Kabuhayan showcase ah. Hehe.

Nalgene bottle (which Mich loved!) and bracelet from SPERRY!

Christmas basket from Worldbex! Ang sweet! Thank you JR!:))

lovely dress from Little Nook!

cute jewelry box and earrings from the sweet Bianca!

lovely clothes and shoes (romper is with karylle) from Trunkshow!

I love you all! Okay, signing off now. Have to sleep, I have a 9am job interview tomorrow! Trip trip lang hihi. Oh, and I can't bear na my excitement over our upcoming Cebu trip next week! Going with blog friends. Plus a biglaang Sagada trip on January 31. Loving our YOLO group! Haha! My travel buddies Tracy, Ana and Mich all agreed that 2013 is our YOLO year. Meaning more fun, more travels! Can't wait. :) Hugs and kisses everyone!

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  1. haha kabuhayan showcase nga.:)
    Keep on posting Ms. aisa.:)

  2. I love the nalgene water bottle! Weird noh. Sa lahat ng shoes at damit, ang nalgene and favorite. XD

  3. the geometric top is interesting! love it with your skirt!


  4. Drooling over your top !!! Hoping to find a male counterpart....the print !!! ARRGHHH!!! :D

  5. Love youuuu :D


  6. tarush ng skirt!! :D girl enge gifts :) joke lang! stay happy, humble and nice paxie! thats the reason why you are so blessed :D


    The Bargain Doll :)

  7. Love love the shoes! <3 <3 <3

  8. Punta ka dito Cebu? Sana makita man lng kita dito..


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