Zen Zest Bloggers Karaoke Night!

Zen Zest introduced their newest collections and products (Holiday Sets and Home Scents) through a wild and fun karaoke party at Red Box, Greenbelt. I came from a shoot from some faraway land (called Paranaque hehe) so I was a little late. When I got there Mother Divine was already in the midst of her speech. She loves Zen Zest! Obviously. Watch out for her perfume line...soon! Anyway, here are photos!:)

Melai was host, Mother Divine speeching. Hehe.

hello bloggers

Zen Zest owner Michelle Fontelera kicked off the karaoke battle! She sang a song by Aegis!

my sisters. Hehe.  love you to bits! Verniece and Vern:)

pretty girls Ana and Angela

Marha singing Rolling in the Deep. Shocking coz we didnt know she could sing so powerfully! Bongga!

Shempre always present si Paul!

Some other bloggers sang too like Mother Shen! Galeng! Of course papatalo ba the Brangelina of Manila, Mother Divine Lee and Papi Victor Basa???

tandem! singing Alone by Heart. Hehe.

cutest performance evuuur. Pretty twins Vern and Verniece singing Superbass!

compelte with dance steps! Bonggang choreography. Kayo na talaga!!!

So while everyone was busy performing or looking for songs, I was eating lang and also went through the holiday sets!:) Opened each one and smelled them too. Hihi.

mu favorite! smells like Christmas:)

for the boys

sweet fruity

for the boys again

tried these too. loved the cabinet deodorizer! I use this everyday. Will try the Anti-Tobacco one soon. Heh.

Group pics!
with Verniece, Vern, Paul and Ana

with Sarah and Angel

the girls!:)

It's always fun when friends bond over great food and karaoke no matter the setting! Kahit event pa yan. So thank you Zen Zest, thank you Liz for inviting me! Next time I'll perform na talaga, medley pa complete with backup dancers. Lol. Don't forget to add Zen Zest holiday sets into your Christmas shopping list! Your friends, mom, titas, boyfriends, will love it!:)


  1. Whenever I see events like this I'm always jealous because I would want to get an ivite someday, too! It's so nice to see everyone so happy and having fun together!




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