UNHOLY by Bench x Furne One x Reina Hein

This year has been one helluva ride for BENCH (the good kind where you scream your lungs out from happiness)-- from Hollywood stars to Korean heartthrobs, they're showing no signs of slowing down! Their collaborations and campaigns always surprises me. I'm sure you were stunned (in a good way) at the beauty that is the Bench x Michael Cinco x Allison Harvard campaign for his perfume Impalpable. Now a new scent is coming your way. This time Bench partnered with one of the country's most respected designers, Furne One! Just like the Impalpable campaign, they chose another ANTM alumna, Reina Hein, to be the face of their new scent "UNHOLY by One". Here are photos from the successful launch!

 display at the mini hall before entering the ballroom

i love every piece

armor dress worn by Natasha Bedingfield. fierce!!!

the new scent's theme is dark but beautiful, eerie yet enchanting, so intriguing:)

What I love about exclusive launches are the food!:) Nom. Sorry no photos. And then the show started...

Every dress was breathtakingly beautiful. I have no words. :)

THE Marina Benipayo opened the darker 2nd set. It's like we're in a secret cult club.

complete with ritual-ish drama and acting. it's so good it's actually believable. Hehe.

and then the queen came out!!! 

the genius and the muse:)

Oh to live a life wearing Furne One every single day. A girl can dream out loud.

table 18! (grabbed from Raiza)

tablemates-- arnie, sarah, me, paul, kelly, nika

the girls with Reina:) (thanks Ana for the photos and Paul for taking it!)

Here are the scents of Furne One!
love the smell!

can't wait to try these out:) (grabbed from Sarah)

the dyosa hehe:)

So go run to the nearest Bench store and hoard on these exciting new scents! Don't forget to buy for your loved ones:) Congratulations again BENCH!

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