Pale Androgyny

So happy I was able to lessen my backlogs tonight! Woot. Vowed to do 2-3 posts everyday until I've finally crossed out my entire to-blog list. Planning to finish everything before our out of the country trip next week. So exciteeeed. Will be documenting everything, from packing til our last day. Will be there for 4 days! I know it's all rocks and temples but I love rocks and temples! Plus, our hotel is awesome AND cheap. So I'm pretty sure I'd go trigger happy photographing the beauty that is Cambodia. I've already prepared a few outfits and did a few researches. Weee. Anyway, here's an outfit I wore a few weeks ago when I ran errands and had a casual date with Mich!

Thrifted H&M shirt, Giordano white pants, House of Luxe necklace

Aldo watch, Yhansy orange bracelet, Therapy Bags chain bracelet

Primadonna oxford sneakers

Bought my Primadonna oxfords that same day! It was an accidental purchase after the ballet flats I was wearing crumbled into pieces. Perfect timing that it occurred when I was a few steps away from Primadonna where I was going to return pullouts. I love it when I have a valid excuse to shop. Lol. Lesson learned: Do not neglect your shoes! Use them preferably once a month. Do rotations. Sayang naman kasi. The polo is a new thrift find! Bought it for Mich but of course I had to borrow and use it first. Heee. Since I went for subtle colors, I just went all out in accessorizing. I really suck at describing my outfits so gets nio na yan. Hehe. Oh, and here's a little secret... I was wearing hair extensions here! I've had this for a year but I seldom use it. People get amazed whenever I point it out coz it looks like my natural hair! Hehe. It's a little heavy though and you have to strategically position them for it not to be obvious. I think I'm sticking to clip-ons for now rather than permanent ones. What do you think? And how do you wash this anyway? Suggestions pls!:) 

That's it for now. More posts later. Have an awesome day beautiful yous.:)

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  1. Haven't tried hair extensions. =(

    I love your new shoes, btw.

  2. bet ko this outfit ang fresh lang ng dating girl! :) and yes agree ako with shoe rotation. gnon din ako sa clothes para di sila maloren-haggarda galore haha! :) miss you na(kahit kakakita lang naten nung sunday haha!)

  3. love the crisp and clean look of this outfit!!! :D

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  4. Ang galing nga nun extensions! :) And ang cute nun sneakers oxfords, feel ko mas comfy yan for me kesa sa leather type, na palagi ko din binebenta pagka gamit kasi di talaga pang walking :p
    Macheck nga yan!

    Have a great trip din pala! :) Check out my Cambodia trip here: http://anagontravelstheworld.blogspot.com/2012/05/im-back.html :) I miss traveling kelangan ko na ng travel buddy :S

  5. I love this outfit! :D

  6. i agree with the shoe rotation! :) i also like the look of this outfit, very casual :)

  7. Ganda. Sarap tingnan ng outfiteyyy, masyadong calm! Hehehe. And infair, tama nga ung rotation ng shoes. Gawin ko rin pala siya. Usually kasi kung ano bago yung lang sinusuot ko. Hahaha :P

  8. gotta love that androgyny
    and this outfit!



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