Bauhaus x Kickers Launch

Here's one cool launch I'm glad I didn't miss! Got super excited when ARC invited me to the Bauhaus x Kickers Launch at the Rocket Room, BGC. Okay, they got me at Kickers. If you've read my "Back to the 90s" post, I'm sure you know how this brand reminds me so much of my childhood. Naks. When I saw the new collection, I immediately felt the same warm fuzzy feeling from a decade ago. Even in the absence of their epic red and green tag, it still feels a lot like Christmas:) Plus, I got to see some awesome new merchandise from their other brands too! Photos from the event:)

 lovely display inside the resto. It's like a mini Bauhaus store!  

Like chocolate and caramel, some things are just meant for each other. The youthful, trendy vibe of Bauhaus’ line of fun urban brands meet their perfect match, as the popular shoes Kickers make their way to Bauhaus’ shelves. With Kicker’s signature styles rounding out Bauhaus’ fashionable ensemble, the tie-up promises to ignite the wardrobes of Metro Manila’s most chic consumers.

Since its founding in 1991, Bauhaus has been offering sought-after apparel from its stable of excitingly fresh brands, such as 80/20, Salad, Tough, and Cheap Monday. Always on-style without being a slave to trends, Bauhaus’ multiple clothing lines feature urban clothing and streetwear for stylistas with a strong sense of fun. Modern, relaxed silhouettes are jazzed up by funky prints and a rich palette of colors to create collections that are vibrant and dynamic.

This design philosophy makes Kickers a perfect match for Bauhaus’ apparel! As a product of the cultural revolutions of the 1970s and 80s, Kickers has always been about exploring the freewheeling spirit of youth through fashion. The brand encourages its customers to never grow old, adding playful touches like brightly-colored laces to sturdy leather moccasins to put the “fun” in “functional”. Paired with the many excellent items from Bauhaus, Kickers’ energetic footwear marches to the beat of the next generation.  

blogger loves Alex and Krissy!

 food and drinks

 Intro by Bauhaus and Kickers marketing team!:)

 gorgeous models wearing Bauhaus apparel paired with Kickers!

 love the styling! I would totally wear this:)

 reversible Tough jacket, snakeskin lining inside. Cute La Creme dress too! with Kickers boots of course:)

Cute boy este look alert! hehe. He's mostly wearing Tough jeans which you can see from the visible hardwares (from bag to jacket). Jacket's hood is detachable. Functional! Perfect match with the boots he's wearing:)

Scanned the racks and I wanted to take most of the pieces home. Even those for men. Haha. Let's start with clothing for the girls!
 Sarah loved this one!

TOUGH Ladies Fall/Winter 2012 is themed “Sweet military”. Pieces from Tough jeans were girly but still overly kickass. I especially loved the red jacket and the plaid shirt! Of course:)
i want this pants!

The theme for Salad’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection is “Swan Lake”. It focuses on decorative elements such as ballet girl, animal & plant embroideries with tassels, beads & bow designs to a mix sense of ballet performance.

La Creme top! Super like!

Cheap Monday jeans!

For the Guys...
i need this detachable hood plaid shirt/jacket in my life!!!

In TOUGH Men FW12 collection, denim is strong and resilient. It retains the masculine feel with a strong vintage workwear style. Fabrics and treatments give an authentic raw finish, from studs and buttons embellishment on sleeveless jackets and shirts, to vintage look washed denims. Printed tees and checked shirts make a statement this season, creating a twist of playful and stylish look.

For menswear, tees are the highlighted items of 80/20 Black Label by adding geometric prints. Love the prints on their shirts!:)

We were all asked to take home a pair of kicks and jeans. We all went gaga! 
Sarah trying out Kickers boots

Ana can't decide eitheeer. Ang hiraaap.

Sarah and I wanted the same pair (gray one) so we ordered the 2 styles above and asked Ana to get the boxes, shuffle and hand it to us. 

These are what I took home!

I have yet to road test the awesome Kickers boots, but I've been living in this Cheap Monday jeans. Haha! Used it 2x during my Cambodia trip. It's so comfy and chic!:)

Thanks again ARC and Bauhaus!


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Kickers are now available at all Bauhaus outlets. Bauhaus currently has three locations in Metro Manila: Trinoma, Shangri-La, and Alabang Town Center. The clothing brand also has one branch in Davao, at Abreeza Davao.


  1. hehehe kaguley lang! cute pics! (haha i sounded vain there ;p)

  2. i can imagine how hard it was for you guys to choose which to take home.All the items are so cool! But i think you guys made the right choices..:)

    hope you can drop by my blog ms.aisa,thanks! i'd really appreciate it.:)


  3. hmmm...weird! can't find any of those CM logo jeans here in the US.. even online..

    Any idea?


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