Digiperm + Ionic Treatment by AZTA Urban Salon Eastwood

A few weeks ago, Azta and Cash Cash Pinoy invited me to another salon pampering session. The timing was just perfect coz I was itching to have my hair permed and treated again. So, thank you blogging gods! Heh. If you read my blog, you might have seen my past AZTA hair color and digiperm reviews? It's always a pleasant experience and this one was no different. Photos below!

they shampooed my hair first, sectioned it and applied the chemical used for perming

my loves Ana getting the same treatment! I advised her to bring food coz it will take a few hours.

waiting, eating, taking photos

after an 30 mins or was than an hour? they used the biggest rollers for my hair...

medusa lang

and then they finally connected the heating machine

Ana and I panicked for 5 seconds coz it felt like our scalp was burning, so they blowered it with cold air. Solb na!

after our perm, they applied the IONIC HAIR TREATMENT solution to our hair, had to wait for 15 mins.

after almost 4 hours, tada!

thanks Ms. Val for assisting us. Thank you AZTA and Cashcashpinoy:)

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Thanks also to Maita and Meg of Azta!:)

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  1. Ang pretty naman nitong dalawa!!! Bet ko na rin mag-curls talaga :( Need pa muna mag-please kay mudra! Haha miss you tey!!


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