Little Gray Dress

I seldom go to events nowadays coz of work, but last week (or 2 weeks ago?) I made sure I was present at the Pink Kurve lingerie press launch at Mamou, Rockwell. I will blog about the event itself soon, but for now here's what I wore to the event! Decided to wear flats at the last minute coz I had to hop from one place to the next and return pullouts. Will do more posts tomorrow, I'm currently in a hurry to finish this and my new online job so I can sleep! Super looooong day later! Have to get up at 8:30. I am so not a morning person. Lord, help meeee.

Thrifted shirt and dress, SM belt & bag

Get Sole ballet flats

I've been wearing this Get Sole ballet flats for weeks now. Love the color (cream and red) and how it makes my outfit stand out!  Lakas makayaman din. Also love the polka insole. :) Anyway, I can't wait for my next thrift excursion! So many vintage gems waiting for me, I can almost feel and smell them na from here. Lol. Next week, I promise!

That's it for now. Tomorrow, or later at night, I'd put up the Pink Kurve event, new giveaways (my super delayed post Birthday giveaway + Shop Dainty) and photos from Star Awards! Have a traffic free Friday! As if.


  1. i hate waking up early!! anyway, that's a really nice dress so perfect for your busy day! :)

  2. i love your dress, it's simple but
    it looked sosyal with
    that shirt underneath ;)


  3. Tawang tawa me sa grass pics hahaha! See you later! And congrats sa new online job! :)

  4. whats your new job?

  5. love this dress!

  6. You always look so cute! lakas makayaman talaga ng red! haha! I love your injected phrases like that. nakakatawa pero hindi trying hard magpatawa. :D

  7. Hi aisa!! :) so nice to finally meet you last night at the lolita event! it's true you're really sweet and humble talaga.. and also funny (nung Q&A portion) hahaha! hope to see you again soon :)

  8. LOVE the gray dress Ms.Aisa :)

  9. Love et! gumagrass effect!:) Cute dress, girl!

  10. Love the gray dress, Paxie! Love the photos too! =)


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