Archive Clothing: "Bipolar Affair" Collection

Finaaaally, new uploads on my online store! It's now 12:40pm and I've been up all night editing the photos and uploading them one by one. Thank you Lord I can now sleep. Haha. Anyway, hope you can check it out. I know it has been on hiatus for quite sometime, but I'll try my best to upload 2x a month. I have a gazillion more items to alter ASAP. Anyway, this collection is dedicated to our very bipolar weather (haha) so expect lots of sweaters and blazers. Hope you can check it out--and maybe buy a piece or two. ;)

Shop the collection HERE. Thank you!:))

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  1. hi ms Aisa..good luck on your new collection! :) there were lot of nice pieces..it's very "you"..hihi..



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