Styling Stint: Suzy Entrata-Abrera, Mika Lagdameo, Caridad Sanchez, Marvin Agustin!

Okay, so I really had to put all the names in the title so it would be easier for me to find this post again when the time comes (aka when someone asks for my portfolio again hehe). Anywaaaay, after a few months, I finally got my hands on the final photos!!!:) I still don't have a copy of the mag though, they're now sold out, so thanks Kaye and Kelly for the scans! Here are some of the features I styled for Celebrity Living Magazine the past months:)

Mika Lagdameo & Family - dressing up for events feature
 Styling Associate: Kaye Awatin
(thanks Mango, For Me, Oxygen, Regatta, Memo, Bench, Kids of Bayo, Michael Antonio, Flying Dutchman!)

Suzy Entrata-Abrera and kids + house feature
 Styling Associate: Kaye Awatin
(Thanks Ensembles, Unarosa and Freeway)

Marvin Agustin + house feature

Styling Associate: Kelly Medina
(Thanks Mundo, Flying Dutchman, Get Sole, Wade, Regatta, Memo)

Cathy Guballa, Caridad Sanchez, House feature
Styling Associate: Hazel Peralta
(Thanks Mango, Primadonna, The Ramp)

Here are some behind the scene photos from the shoots!:)
 Super cute house, super nice Suzy, super adorable kids! Thanks for the popcorn!:)

 Marvin was super nice and had food prepared for us. Too bad we had to leave early!

Such an honor to meet THE Caridad Sanchez. She's amazingly nice and real too:)

They say you're most relaxed and more yourself when you're at home, that's why I love styling for Celebrity Living. I get to meet these talented amazing people in their most relaxed state (considering it's still a shoot) plus they feed us delicious food! Haha takaw.  Sadly, I had to limit my gigs coz I got busy with Bloggers United and other stuff, but I recently did another feature for them so watch out for it:) Grab a copy of this month's issue though, Kaye styled 4 features! Congrats babe!:) Thanks Celebrity Living Mag and the whole team. It's always a pleasure working with you guys. :) Til the next one!


  1. congrats and grabe lang sis!haha

  2. You did an incredible job, as always! They all look so perfectly styled for their respective setting! Awesome1 Have a supa-dupa-fly weekend!

  3. Congratulations, beb!!! :) Galing forever!

  4. congrats ate pax! NICE ONE! :)

    IF you need any help, I would glad to volunteer!!

    xoxo Raffi :)



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