Light as a Feather

So, I'm still having a hard time adjusting to my new life...no more full time work at night! The company I worked for had a hard time keeping up with their expenses (with not much money rolling in--bordering bankrupty lol), so they removed almost everyone (except for their finance girl). I'm okay with it though! More than okay. I'm resting for a while (after working at night for 5 years!) and will revive my long forgotten online store as part of my gameplan. The stocks are now here, but some pieces still need to be altered. Will upload them soonest! I hope I can stop myself from keeping them for myself (nooo Pax noooo). Was folding them last night and I found myself segregating my favorites--THIS CANNOT HAPPEN. I must resist temptation, I must learn again how it is to let go. Lol. Our apartment's a mess (what's new) and I wanna throw all of my things away, start anew, seriously--or not. Our broken bed frame is still here with it's brand new role as my clothes hanger/rack. Arrrgh. I'm totally buying the book I saw at National Bookstore (that's currently on sale!) titled Unclutter Your Life in One Week by Erin Doland. Bukas na bukas din! Anyway, enough blabbing, here are outfit photos from 2 weeks ago!

 Jewels N Charms feather dress, Romwe detachable collar

The normal me... Lol.
truelily surprised look coz nagmamarilyn monroe effect my dress.  lol
demure pa daw kunware
but this is the real deal. Lol
 Bedazzle bange, Extreme Finds lace bracelets

CMG colorblock pastel heels!

This is the book I wanna read...

And this is the giveaway you should participate in!
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In other news, I finally have tattoo designs! Ana ihanda na ang birthday gift. Lol.


4 leaf clover for luck
double spiral means balance or in other words, equilibrium:)
can't get over this cute unicorn fake tattoo on elle fanning!
or i can have this copied or improved?

Just leave a comment below and help me choose! Haha. Thinking of getting 2. Yeees tapang lang. It's my birthday month so anything goes! Anyhoo, have to sleep now. It's almost 7am waaah! Pullout for Karylle later. It's almost Saturday--the day we leave for Ilocos! Woot. Hope no more flooding and typhoon na. Also, super excited to share with you that I, with my stylist loves/friends Jear, Kaye & Argie, will be styling Uniqlo's Fall/Winter fashion show next week! Gaaah. Excited and pressured. Wish us luck and hope to see familiar faces there. Mwah:)

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  1. I like the yin and yang design :)

  2. cingrats aisa on your new venture! You will have more time to handle your shop now. :) And bet ko your bikini photo ah! sexay! :)

  3. Aliw na aliw ako sa pag-blabbing mo girl! Hahaha more more kwento!! =)) Learn to let go levels pa! Haha goodluck with all those, beb! Keri mo yan! :)

    Arnie Villanueva

  4. I love the dress, Pax! Super cute and perfect nung detachable collar with it :) Grabe, I think I read nga from Ana's blog na ang dami mong clothes and shoes and stuff in your apartment hehe. Good luck with your plans! :) Hoping for the best. Kayang-kaya yan! Ikaw pa! Oh! And super cute nung Marilyn Monroe pictures mo. Hahaha I've found it hard to wear loose/free-flowing dresses too because of the strong winds we've been getting lately. Baka ma-wardrobe malfunction ako ng 'di oras :p Advance happy birthday :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  5. Excited nako! :) Sama ako sa tat sesh mo ha! :) Sana di me matempt pag andun na, clean slate and forever pa goodie two shoes hahaha :D
    Keep up the blog kwentos gurl friend! :)

  6. i'm sure you'll do great sa styling! esp since magagaling din ang fellow stylists mo :) i love love the falsies!kering keri mo!i love the real deal pic!prng ansaya saya!:)

  7. ang cute lang ng UNICORN! ive always a unicorn tat!
    i want that dress pax!!:)

  8. Pax, you can throw all your things away all the way down here in Cebu. Sagot ko na lbc. Hahaha!

    Love the second tattoo, btw. Ang hot mo lang. Enjoy Ilocos and hopefully no more rains. =)

  9. i like the unicorn.. parang overrated na ang stars na tat.. :)

  10. I want the clover and the last photo. I also love the whole outfitey ikaw nga ni Ana. Hehehe! Goodluck to all the styling gig I'm sure it will look bongga nanaman as usual :D

  11. Good luck on your career, Ms. Aisa!

    With regards to the tatoo, I would vote for the stars design! ^__^

  12. Woow your dress in gorgeous!
    love that colour blue
    kisses from www.hekepekepao.blogspot.com

  13. ganda mo girl, lalo na fun descriptions sa photos :) and sexy mo lang! im so inggit!!!

    Rovie, <a href="thebargaindoll.blogspot.com> The Bargain Doll </a>

  14. Cute outfit, love the dress! And you look amazing in the last picture! I think you should get the double spiral!

    backtofive's twitter

    xoxo backtofive


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