Ilocos Trip Day 1: Hello, Vigan!

So the whole trip was organized by Mich as an advanced birthday gift/trip. Naks. She booked via Pilipinas Roadtrip which is just perfect if you're on a budget. We only paid P3,800/person inclusive of transpo (van), hotel, entrance fees + we paid P1k extra for a separate room. Anyway, more on the details later. We left Manila at around 9pm, meeting place was at Petron Station, along EDSA in Makati. We just slept the whole time til we reached Vigan at around 7am. If you're kinda maarte like me, don't ride a van! Super cramped and uncomfy coz I can't straighten out my legs. :( It was raining hard when we got to Grandpa's Inn, but rain or shine we couldn't contain our excitement. Haha. Here are photos!

 Grandpa's Inn was once a house owned by the Donato Family which housed soldiers.

waiting for our breakfast!

bagong gising haha

Mich's order

my order - tapang ilocos--yum! i finished my food

After eating,we decided to explore the hotel! We didn't stay here though, just ate breakfast here. I would stay here next time!
 prices not that steep

may ka LQ sa phone? Mich ikaw ba yan? wahehe

the rooms, kyooot na scary

go na girl akyat na!

high chair na more more high!

candid amazed look!

because of this! uber sa vintage saya! wooow. bet ko to suotin sa linggo ng wika.

and this. hanging spoons! 

Field trip pose!!! award.
hello friends

film shiz. cinemalaya?

kay shakespeare ata to

lobby.. gandaaa


old school keys

Went to Pagburnayan Pottery afterwards!
from this...

 to this! bongga!

Last stop for this post, Crisologo Museum! The home of Mich. Charot.
Great grandpa ni Mich. Charot!

Aisa: Crisologo ka talaga! kaya d ako nanalo sau sa arguments!


 Fishing room. 

Actual car where they were ambushed

bullet hole #2
karwahe pang mayaman

ganda ni Madame Inelda!

peg lng ah

hello Mr. President?

family naks

Master Bedroom

mahiwagang chest


aaah pano to?
reminds me of our house in La Carlota! Miss miss.

my favorite room! d obvious



That's it for now. More more photos tomorrow! Love from Ilocos!=D

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  1. your trip is perfect for the buwan ng wika :) enjoy the rest of your trip at ilocos! buti walang ulan!

    1. madaming ulan! buti pag morning lang. ang bait pa din ni Lord!:))

  2. I miss Ilocos!
    Yung Grandpa's Inn! HAHA may naalala akong creepy story jan na kwento ng tour guide namin way back hihi

  3. Naaaliw talaga ako sa old things, wood, mga antique ganyan. Love the pictures and sights and the captions! I love pottery din, kaaliw yun ha! ;)

  4. Lakas ng tawa ko sa mga caption mo, teh!!! Lovely pics. I miss na traveling around PI!

    Hope all is well with you ~

    1. likewise!!! when are u coming back? you should tour the philippines!:))

  5. Ilocos is <3. Looking forward to be there again

  6. This is where we stayed while in Vigan. Gusto ko iyong rooms nila. Haha!

  7. Ano be! Tawa ako nang tawa sa mga captions mo! Kalerks! Ma-try nga yang Ilocos package na yan soon! Mwah!

    1. gow babe pero mag DIY trip ka nalang!:)

  8. Grandpa's Inn! Ang babait ng mga nagwowork jan :)


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