Status Magazine Tea Party

Status Magazine conducted an epic tea party for bloggers 2 weeks ago where we drank Moonleaf tea to our heart's content, played a buwis buhay parlor game (where Krissy, even in heels, won), chatted to death, laughed a lot, took lots of photos and ogled at their newest issue with our hubby (sharing is loving haha) Adam Levine on the cover!:) Here are photos from the event!

(photos grabbed from Status, Raleene, Aeyvee and Miko!)
Thanks Moonleaf for our tea!
yummmmmmeeeh! haha
spot me!
busy? haha

with Mau, Miko, Dan, Ana, Krissy, Verge
class picture!

Thank you STATUS, more tea parties pls!!! Or pls come up with whatever party so that we can lounge again in your funky new office:) Hehe. Thanks Dan and Rosario!:)


  1. I love this post! Great photos!


  2. Natawa ako sa buwis buhay talaga ang saya nga ng afternoon nato :) And infer namiss ko yun teal bayo dress ko..iniisip ko pa nga if sesell ko pa sya hahaha ;p


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