Rush Hour

Hi guys happy Monday! Up early today since I slept early last night. That's a first! Woot. Busy week this week! I'm still a little sick but I think it's on it's last stage, so I really hope it goes away as in now na. Heading to Mich's office later for my last cervical cancer vaccination. I recommend you all do the same ladies! Get vaccinated, it might save your life. :) Anyway here's an outfit I wore a few weeks back.

Wear it with boots...

Or brogues!
Overruns store top, Bubbles kimono, Topshop pants, Forever 21 brogues

House of Luxe harlow inspired necklaces, La Papillon bracelet, Accessorize polka shades

Something I just threw on one busy day when I had to rush to ABS, shop for Karylle's Paris outfits and then to BGC to chill with blog friends. :) In fairness, it's super comfy and I didn't feel the need to change or anything. Got the pants 2 years ago during one of Topshop's End of Season sale for just P500!!! Oha! Whenever I wear branded or non-ukay clothes here on my blog, know that I mostly got them on sale or at a fraction of it's original price. This is still a budget fashion/friendly blog after all. :)

Have an awesome Monday everyone!


  1. Very cute Kimono Aisa! :)


  2. Iba talaga ang Aisa Ipac!!! ♥ Super duper love this, girl! As always naman. Pati ikaw love ko, walang chenes! ♥

    Arnie Villanueva

  3. i love the kimono! super nice!


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