Late Post: Jansport Supersized Summer

Last June 10, Ana, Vanessa and I braved the Manila heat and headed to MOA's Bay Area for the Jansport Supersized Summer event! On our way, we used the different obstacle/challenge areas/stations as our landmarks going to the main area itself. It looked fun! I wanna join next year!

went with mah girls Ava, Ana and Van:)
 ineet haha
 waiting for the announcement of winners

mini games. love the huge jansport backpacks!

love the prize! bet ko the backpack!

Hello Andrew Naval, the host!

Galing the band who played!

Out of all the teams who finished the 10 amazing race like challenges, these ones emerged as the victors! Congratulations!:)

(photos grabbed from Kumagcow)

the Jansport team!:) (photo from Alex Dizon)

we had a great time thank you!:) (photo from Alex Dizon)

A fun way to end summer and to welcome the coming school year!:) See you next year! Thank you ARC for the invite especially to Jenny! And thanks to Andrew:)

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  1. Why may special mention si Andrew Naval?!

  2. Ang saya kahit oa pawisan lol! Uy wait dalhin ko na yang denim top mo mamaya hehehe!


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