Double Trouble

So last week, Kelly and I styled Champ & Chino Lui Pio plus Rez Toledo of Someday Dream and Luigi D' Avola for Bands magazine. If you're following me on Instagram, then I'm sure you've seen some of the photos I posted. I had a blast! As always. Will post photos as soon as the issue is out!:) Reunited with my photog lover (haha) Darrel Pobre or Darz (as we call him) again! :) Speaking of Darz, he took my outfit shots during our break. Thank you loooove. Follow his BLOG!!!  Contact him if you need an amazing photographer/graphic artist:) He's the same person who created my blog header/banner!

Forever 21 sweater top, Giordano pants, Thrifted chambray top 

Kelly and I are both wearing our Crave More x Aidx Paredes Young Blood necklace!
Envy leather cuff, Anagon bead bracelet, F&H studded oxfords

No explanation re this outfit. Just threw them all together. I just know I wanted to wear my new F21 sweater (which I bought for P190, on sale!) and the rest just..happened. I ditched the shorts and switched to pants coz I often kneel, run around, etc. Hehe. One of the comfiest outfits I ever wore. Lol.

Thanks again Darz! Love you!


  1. love your outfit! especially the shoes :)


  2. ang ganda ng shots!!swear!!!!:))

  3. Ganda ng photos :) Sana may photographer friend/jowa din ako hehehe :)

  4. Christine Liwag7/23/2012 9:15 AM

    AWW. :""> THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE. Thank you, Pac & Kelly!!! Loveyouboth. :*

  5. Ermigerrrrd super cute niyo ni Kelly!!! Love the photos ♥ Lakas maka-magazine!! Hahaha >:D<

  6. This outfit is the bomb!! the colors are perfect! :)


  7. how much yung shoes? :) super nice.. i want also sana meron pa!

  8. how much yung shoes? :) i want also! sana meron pa :)


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