Charlie Brown

This look was inspired by one of my all time favorite comic strip character:) Don't you just love the "Peanuts" gang?  And also because I've been listening to the song Charlie Brown by Coldplay. Heh. Anyway, I hope you all find your inner Charlie Brown, who rises above everything even if hope is frail and failure is constant. Like him, I hope you all see things in a positive light. Optimism is always the key. But more than that, FAITH. :)

thanks Diane Lorenzana for my makeup!

Forever 21 sweatshirt, Jhajing detachable collar, SM skirt

SUY vintage satchel bag, Kandi Treats bracelet

Berry Lush YSL inspired pumps

And now may I present to you, URBANEARS! Yes, you can be cool for school...

This Urbanears' Tanto headphone is one stylish ear candy. I may love color but I'm a minimalist when it comes to my things, so this gray headphone is just perfect for me! :) Plus, it's compatible with almost all phones and musical devices! Bongga.

You all know that I'm a little deaf, so I do rely on good headphones or earphones for my music or movies. This is exactly what I need. I love that it consistently gives me a full sound experience (I hate sabog sounds!) and it has a built in microphone (which I just recently discovered, hehe). Cool db?

This Tanto Dark Gray headphone is super lightweight and is not bulky, exactly how I wanted a headphone to be! It is sleek and portable, so you can bring this anywhere you go. I love that it looks like an old school Sony Walkman headphone. The metal headband is also adjustable, so it's sure to fit anyone!

Click HERE to view all Urbanears products. I hope you already joined their ongoing Instagram giveaway!:) You can buy Urbanears from these retailers. Urbanears is officially distributed by Digits Trading Corporation.

That's it! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. Another busy week ahead!
Finally buying stocks for Archive Clothing. I'm excited, are you?:)

*photos by Mich*


  1. I love the photo quality and you look very pretty, Ms. Aisa! :)

    - Em

  2. love tlga your eyes and hair!! what ur secret?haha!!

    1. eyes-- false eyelashes! haha. Hair- curler. yun lng. wahehe

  3. Gandaaaaa! :) Taray ng last photo ha. Love the Charlie Brown inspired look :)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  4. Super pretty naman, girl!! :) Love this! Haha must be the long lashes! ♥

  5. Akala ko ba si Snoopp Snoop Dog ang favorite mo? ;D Heheheh! I love the pics, bongga yung sa likod ng railings hehehe, but mas bet ang eyelashes... Revitalash? Chos! :)

    1. sha pa din fave ko sis, forever! weed smoking snoopy! este snoop dogg! Lol. falsies yan sis! galing na din ako sa shoot so sinagad ko na. Lol

  6. Ang pinaka bet ko dito sa buong look mo ay ang iyong false lashes!!! Ang landiiiii!!! Hahahahaha!!!


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