You Don't Know How Lovely You Are

Listening to The Scientist by Coldplay while doing this post. Heh. Chose that line as my title as a prelude to the lovely shoes you're about to see. But first, here are shots of me wearing one of them! This is also what I wore to the YABU event last week (will post next):)

Okay, change location...
Forever 21 dress, The Ramp trench coat, Accessorize swallow necklace

Bedazzle & Simones Closet bracelets, Tomato ring, Made U Look carryall bag

Freeway Manansala watch

Primadonna t-strap colorblock heels

This coat has got to be one of my favorite staple pieces. It magically transforms an otherwise boring outfit into an event worthy one. In short, lakas makayaman! Fell inlove with this dress when I was shopping for Karylle's Paris outfits at Forever 21. The print and color grew on me, never mind that it's a little loose. I also got quite a number of compliments on my shoes! It's actually very comfortable (spoken by someone who has a love-hate-hate-hate relationship with heels) and it looks sexy when worn! I sweeeear. Paul even said it's quite hot. Naks. Nakakaputi din sha ng feet promise! Taking Bridget Jones's cue I'd say, the bow and pink sole had me at hello. *Swoons*

Without further ado, here are the other lovely shoes I've been instagraming/tweeting about last week. It's from PRIMADONNA's Spring/Summer '12 Collection!:) Prepare for some major shoegasm. (photos taken from Primadonna Alimall)

Cmoooon, I know you want it! Hehe. For updates, follow Primadonna on facebook & twitter!:)


  1. I love the rainbow colored wedge.

  2. oh my aisa! :)) I have been to primadonna yesterday and my gosh I wanted to take home everything. :))

  3. Love the coat- very susyal! :)

    Primadonna has very gorgeous shoes and bags. I always drop by everytime I go to the mall. Un lang, nakakaloka mamili!

  4. i love the dress and shoes Ms.Aisa!! great outfit!!

    paint it stripes

  5. Paaaaaxxxx!!!! Salamat sa post mo na 'to... :D Sobrang laking tulong for me kase when I saw this post, nagpabili ako agad sa Mama ko. Hahahaha! Miss you girl!!


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